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From BJ Freeman <bjf...@free-man.net>
Subject Re: CRM upgrade was how to make myself good at ofbiz
Date Fri, 13 Aug 2010 16:10:26 GMT
Good point about marketing. it and SFA are similar, in that they are 
both marketing. some companies send out Mailers  then follow up with 
phone canvasing. others do a email campaign then target those that 
respond to the links. ofbiz now does not have a way to personalize links 
to they can be tracked. maybe using the trackingnumber and partyID, but 
I don't like using partyID. could use the contact Mech and make a new 
type of electronic.

Jacques Le Roux sent the following on 8/13/2010 4:16 AM:
> Yes I agree with you BJ,
> CRM-> SFA, CS would be the way to go. Also don't forget we have the
> related Marketing component, maybe it should rather stay apart, as it's
> now? But some parts could be moved to a new CRM component. I think about
> Segments and Contact List.
> Sam,
> The reason I suggested to use a de facto standard is because people when
> evaluating will compare to it. And with the same but more maybe they
> could be inclined to choose more, if they need it. It's more a marketing
> strategy than anything really thought out. Because I got some prospects
> willing something like that. I don't know anything about kayako, but as
> ever with the Apache way, if you think it's better and have good
> arguments then we should of course discuss it. Could you please give the
> reasons you picked it (over SugarCRM if possible)
> Thanks
> Jacques
> From: "BJ Freeman" <bjfree@free-man.net>
>> SFA is just part of CRM, so really it would be more like the
>> accounting you would CRM then subtabs for SFA CS(customer service)
>> they would all be one component but different webapps.
>> The Portlets would then borrow from the component based on the roles
>> of the login.
>> Sam Hamilton sent the following on 8/13/2010 3:00 AM:
>>> Hi Guys,
>>> We also thought that this would be the next logical step for us to move
>>> into OFBiz (and therefore build out) but not quite go as far as copying
>>> SugarCRM but first take one part and build that out to get the simpler
>>> stuff working first.
>>> I was thinking that this probably would be to make the issue tracking in
>>> SFA to work more efficiently - we get around 1,000 emails a day here so
>>> it would be a good test. I liked the features from
>>> http://www.kayako.com/demo/ so borrowed healivy from them for the
>>> requirements but the one thing I don't know is when I can get someone on
>>> it.
>>> I am wondering why though you want to build it in a new component rather
>>> than extend the existing SFA one when the foundations of replicated
>>> SugarCRM already exist?
>>> Cheers
>>> Sam
>>> On 13/08/2010 02:08, Jacques Le Roux wrote:
>>>> Hi BJ,
>>>> Actually I was suggesting this to Aayush.
>>>> I really believe this part could be an opportunity for more users to be
>>>> interested in OFBiz.
>>>> All the data model and related services are ready. We simply need to
>>>> make more it "standard".
>>>> We would then achieve 2 goals, showing that OFBiz is "easily"[1]
>>>> able to
>>>> mimic, say Sugar CRM, and attract more people who will then discover
>>>> all
>>>> what OFBiz can offer under the hood!
>>>> It could be also an opportunity to do it with jQuery which is simply
>>>> the
>>>> best when it comes to create a Fancy UI.
>>>> So my proposition to Aayush, or anyone interested in OFBiz, would be to
>>>> create a new CRM component in special purpose. Based on SFA and
>>>> Marketing elements, mimicking Sugar CRM but enhancing it whit jQuery to
>>>> really show to people that we can do better!
>>>> Thanks to Erwan (there was a quick free PDF offer during FIFA World
>>>> Cup)
>>>> I'm currently (slowly) reading http://www.sitepoint.com/books/jquery1/
>>>> and I amazed how easy and clever jQuery syntax is. I believe that when
>>>> the jQuery branch will be merged in trunk a next step in OFBiz
>>>> reputation will come because it will be far easier to use bells and
>>>> whistles. It's only UI but UI is what people 1st see... Morevoer I have
>>>> a client interested and willing to contribute (in jQuery not CRM).
>>>> The only drawback with jQuery is to have to deal with many "repos" as
>>>> it's a world in itself (lot of plugins...). We should also try to keep
>>>> the UI *consistent*, else it could be worse than anything else and with
>>>> jQuery's world this is not easy...
>>>> Note this:
>>>> http://www.sitepoint.com/blogs/2010/03/11/all-scripts-used-in-jquery-novice-to-ninja-are-now-free-to-download/
>>>> So OFBiz enthusiasts, I tried to put some cards on the table, it's
>>>> up to
>>>> you...
>>>> Jacques
>>>> [1] I put easily in quote because this is of course easier for someone
>>>> with experience with OFBiz than for a new comers
>>>> From: "BJ Freeman"<bjfree@free-man.net>
>>>>> I agree though I did this in SWT using the Eclipse UI format in 2006.
>>>>> I have been thinking through how to leverage the portlets to make a
>>>>> CRM interface.
>>>>> but with everything else that about as far as it has gotten.
>>>>> Jacques Le Roux sent the following on 8/12/2010 4:01 AM:
>>>>>> I think OFBiz will be better if we had a better/more complete UI
>>>>>> in the
>>>>>> SFA component. Even maybe a new more simple CRM component inspired
>>>>>> Sugar CRM for instance...
>>>>>> We already discussed about this in more details in fall 2009...
>>>>>> Jacques
>>>>>> From: "BJ Freeman"<bjfree@free-man.net>
>>>>>>> Having been a successful instructor in the past, let me share
>>>>>>> insights.
>>>>>>> 1) each discipline will require X number of manhours to accomplish.
>>>>>>> 2)decent Knowledge can only be evaluated by someone proficient
>>>>>>> the
>>>>>>> discipline.
>>>>>>> 3)the brain usually only retains 10% of the knowledge it is
>>>>>>> exposed to
>>>>>>> each time, so the more exposure the more retention.
>>>>>>> 4)building on a solid foundation of core operations of Discipline
>>>>>>> essential to accomplishing higher function of the discipline.
>>>>>>> my dad gave me three rules for learning a new Discipline.
>>>>>>> 1)read everything there is about a Discipline if you don't
>>>>>>> understand
>>>>>>> a word or concept stop till you have figured it out.
>>>>>>> 2)When you think you understand a concept, change the process
>>>>>>> predict the outcome.
>>>>>>> 3)Run the process. if the outcome is what you predicted you
>>>>>>> understand
>>>>>>> the concept. If not go back to #1` you missed something.
>>>>>>> your instructor(consultant) of OFBiz should understands the manhours
>>>>>>> to accomplish the tasks you need to perform and should have set
>>>>>>> down a
>>>>>>> Course of actions that you need to follow. The instructor should
>>>>>>> also
>>>>>>> have a fair Idea of your proficiency and short comings.
>>>>>>> Once you have the manhours required and you know your ability
>>>>>>> dedicate to those hours, will determine you success on completion.
>>>>>>> Setting up the Project Manger in ofbiz will give you some realtime
>>>>>>> experience and help you evaluate your goals and Ofbiz from a
>>>>>>> perspective, as well as your overall project.
>>>>>>> Aayush sent the following on 8/11/2010 9:17 PM:
>>>>>>>> i am a student of engineering in computer science branch
>>>>>>>> i'v a decent knowledge of core java and servelet, JDBC and
JSP ...
>>>>>>>> rite now m taking training under an employee of hot-wax media
>>>>>>>> corp..
>>>>>>>> and im planning to make my major project in ofbiz itself
>>>>>>>> but m having a doubt that i wud be able to make sucessfull
>>>>>>>> project on
>>>>>>>> this
>>>>>>>> or not ??
>>>>>>>> m not doubting OFBiz ...rather m challanging myself ...
>>>>>>>> i'v time of around an year ...i'v a group of 5 people and
of which
>>>>>>>> only 2 of
>>>>>>>> us are taking training ...
>>>>>>>> but we wud be teaching the rest of them whatever is coming
to us
>>>>>>>> ...
>>>>>>>> rite now we'v understood how a request has to be traced ...so
>>>>>>>> able to
>>>>>>>> reach upto the desired code location ......but rite now we'r
>>>>>>>> unable to
>>>>>>>> understand the services (business logics) ...we wud surely
>>>>>>>> working on
>>>>>>>> that ....we'v implemented the hello1, hello2 and hello3
>>>>>>>> applications
>>>>>>>> available on the tutorials available on net ....so now we
>>>>>>>> which
>>>>>>>> package
>>>>>>>> containes which files and what are their purpose ...
>>>>>>>> so what do u think wud be a good idea to proceed further
in the
>>>>>>>> learning
>>>>>>>> process of ofbiz
>>>>>>>> and what wud be a good idea to make a project on ?????
>>>>>>>> please rply sooon ......

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