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From Scott Gray <scott.g...@hotwaxmedia.com>
Subject Re: ofbiz job scheduler !
Date Wed, 07 Jul 2010 20:41:29 GMT
Jobs get marked as running in the database before they are actually executed so another instance
won't pick up an already running job.  The code in the JobManager isn't really that complex
and if you're running multiple instances it might be a good idea to get familiar with how
it works.


HotWax Media

On 8/07/2010, at 5:31 AM, Prashant Punekar wrote:

> Hi All,
> We have two ofbiz server on load balancer and two mysql database in cluster mode.
> We have few scheduled jobs, where the information gets stored in job_sandbox table.
> As both the app servers have the same definition for thread-pool tag in serviceengine.xml.
> <thread-pool send-to-pool="pool"...........................>
> Doubt :
> Which ofbiz server will kick of the scheduled job ?
> Is Ofbiz smart enough to be aware that one instance has already kicked off the scheduled
job and the other instance doesn't need to do the same ?
> Or both the ofbiz servers will kick of the scheduled job at the same time ?
> Regards,
> Prashant
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