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From Olivier Tremblay <oliviertrembla...@gmail.com>
Subject General login?
Date Mon, 05 Jul 2010 14:09:10 GMT
Hi all!

I'm going to have to demo OFBiz tomorrow, I'm very glad to finally be able to play with the
software, and to start trying things out with it.

Just wondering: Is there any way to login for the entire site, straight from the start? Or
can I set OFBiz to redirect me to a "home" if I try to log in an unauthorized page? (Currently
using 10.04)

I tried to login in Party Manager with an account given only Catalog permissions, and here
is what I encountered:


In my opinion, it is unclear from a user standpoint what exactly is happening here, and why
isn't something else happening. The account is registered, the login details are fine too,
and there is no mention on the page (save the address bar) that I'm currently trying to login
to the Party Manager application.

I'm probably going to go with a custom root application that asks for a login, and then just
display a custom landing page for the user, showing him the applications he can use both from
the menu and with cute little icons, for the sake of simplicity. Might also modify the menu
to show the icons inside it. Enough rambling on, back to testing stuffs and preparing my showcase
for tomorrow!

Thank you!
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