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From Raj Saini <rajsa...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Building a New Website Using "ecommerce"
Date Sat, 31 Jul 2010 07:43:41 GMT
Best way to do it is to use the OFbiz extension model.

1. Create a new component in the hot-deploy either using 'ant 
create-component' or manually.
2. Extend the controller.xml from e-commerce controller. Look at how 
this is done for ecomclone application in the c-commerce componet.
3. Now you can add your own request-map/view-map to the controller. You 
can also override the e-commerce request maps and view maps by adding 
them with the same name.
4. Add the screens you wants int he widget folder. These screens will be 
referred in your view maps
5. Add the freemarker templates you want to change. These freemarker 
templates will be referred in your screens.

Following the above will help you to use the existing funcatinlaity of 
e-commerce component and at the same time add your own changes. You can 
keep this component in your local source repository.



On 31/07/10 09:08, OfBizSuds wrote:
> Thank you BJ, I will look at the data model.
> One question, suppose I copy the ecommerce folder into hot-deploy&  try to
> modify files in it, what should I change in the copy ofbiz-component.xml
> file so that when I test
> http://localhost:8080/ecommerce/control/main it opens the copy instead of
> the original?

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