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From BJ Freeman <bjf...@free-man.net>
Subject Re: Compoinent locatinos was Contributor branch Proposal,
Date Wed, 21 Jul 2010 01:54:21 GMT
my orginal statement that got this part of the thread going was
 >ofbiz, now has three basic layers, as I see it.
 > first is the framework, which should stand alone from the other layers.
 > Next is your basic Business layer needed for all businesses, to 
manage relationships, cash flow, products. This level can have 
interdependence and dependence on the framework.
 > the top layer is the type of business one has, manufacturing, 
Ecommerce, Travel. these don't really depended on each other, unless you 
have a multidivisional organization and are driven by different Business 
plans as to how to implement.

Matt Warnock sent the following on 7/20/2010 5:52 PM:
> I understand that.  But Dave's point (if I understood his post
> correctly) was that the separation into modules was in fact made at the
> application level, not the database level.  All the entities, their
> storage mechanisms, and data translation code for those, are defined in
> the base.
> Keeping the database layer intact in the base reduces the likelihood of
> incompatible design and interface between competing and/or cooperating
> modules.  The user interface is easy to change, but keeping the database
> design 1) monolithic and 2) close to Silverston serves to keep the whole
> project design cohesive.  I think those goals are more important than
> complete modularity.
> Of course, there could be a solid middle ground, where the entities are
> defined in the base, but only actually *created* if the modules that use
> them are being built.  That way a DBM administrator would not have to
> rifle through empty tables.  However, that might also tempt people to
> assume what tables are or are not in use, and make conflicting design
> decisions.  This at least forces people to understand the
> Silverston-based OFBiz best practices model.

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