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From BJ Freeman <bjf...@free-man.net>
Subject Re: TaxWare status of 9.04
Date Tue, 13 Jul 2010 14:57:56 GMT

Mike Z sent the following on 7/12/2010 10:06 PM:
> I've been slowly trying to figure this out this structuring of the GL
> for WA state, and I need a little advice.  For a given county in WA
> state (I'll use Pierce) there are currently 30 tax jurisdictions.
> Sample:
> "Location","County","Location Code","Local Rate","State
> Rate","Combined Sales Tax","King County Food&  Beverage",""
> "DuPont","Pierce",2704,0.028,0.065,0.093,"",""
> "Eatonville","Pierce",2705,0.013,0.065,0.078,"",""
> "Edgewood","Pierce",2720,0.028,0.065,0.093,"",""
> And here is how the GL looks (based on Demo):
> 200000 LIABILITIES 0
>    220000 ACCRUED EXPENSES 0
>      224000 SALES TAX COLLECTED 0
>        224100 SALES TAX COLLECTED USA 0
>          224155 SALES TAX COLLECTED USA - VT 0
>          224156 SALES TAX COLLECTED USA - WA 0<--- TAX = 6.5%
>            224xxx SALES TAX COLLECTED USA - WA  Pierce County 0
>              224xxx SALES TAX COLLECTED USA - Pierce County - Dupont
> 2704 0<- TAX = 2.8%
>              224xxx SALES TAX COLLECTED USA - Pierce County -
> Eatonville 2705 0<- TAX = 1.3%
>              224xxx SALES TAX COLLECTED USA - Pierce County - Edgewood
> 2720 0<- TAX= 2.8%
>          224157 SALES TAX COLLECTED USA - WI 0
>        224200 SALES TAX COLLECTED CAN 0
>        225000 ACCRUED USE TAX 0
>        229000 OTHER ACCRUED EXPENSES 0
> So I'm wondering two things.  If I need/should place the "Pierce
> County" sub-category, even though I won't be collecting tax at this
> level.  Will I be sorry later if I exclude it?  If I do include it,
> will the accounting module somehow calculate the cumulative tax at
> this level, based on it's sub-categories (2704, 2705, 2720)?

The GL is a summary collection of all monies. Basically all monies need 
to balance(debit/cedit) for you balance sheet.
you will have to write code to pull data from the GL and calculate, to 
send your reports. that is what determines how detailed you get. but 
from a balance sheet perspective as long as you have a debit item for 
each credit item. you are fine. like tax due is were you debit and the 
GL items you added would be credit so they balance.

> Another issue is the current numbering scheme.  Currently, it can't
> support multiple sub-categories at the state level.  Are there any
> recommendations based on the upcoming sales tax issues we'll
> experience in the future?

As stated this is demo the limiting factor for numbering is the field 
size defined in the field definition of the db. this usally is set to 
the lowest denominator, like 30 due to the mysql limitation, for the 
demo data.

the other is to understand how ofbiz does subaccounts.

> Should the Demo GL data file (I'm using 9.04) be changed?  As it's
> currently deployed/numbered, it can't support the sample UT county ZIP
> code sample, which I used to figure all this out.
no The GL should be massaged before being used.

The Demo has accounts in it for sole proprietorship, Corporations. they 
should be pruned based on the organiztion and should be reviewed by the 
accountant the organization is going to use so the information the 
accountant needs is setup correctly.

in my experience this is the longest task to get accomplished in setting 
up any application that has accounting.

> Thanks
> On Thu, Jul 1, 2010 at 5:17 PM, BJ Freeman<bjfree@free-man.net>  wrote:
>> taxware as it is in the svn need to be updated to one of the current ADP
>> packages
>> http://www.adp.com/solutions/employer-services/sales-and-use-tax.aspx
>> I am not sure about zipsales
>> http://tax.cchgroup.com/sales-tax-rates/
>> as an alternative:
>> by structuring the GL you can break down taxes to the taxing jurisdiction
>> code.
>> a report page would have to be created to generate the state taxing
>> jurisdiction code reports that they need.
>> once you modify the GL, add entities to import the data from Washington
>> state, and Create the report pages, will have a base package.
>> you can import from
>> http://dor.wa.gov/content/FindTaxesAndRates/Downloads.aspx
>> and make it a service that pulls this data quarterly into ofbiz.
>> you can use the taxware datafile as examples on how to do this.
>> you can also create a seperate datasource in ofbiz so you can put this on a
>> seperate DB server for speed.
>> the advantantage is you don't have to be concerned about internet delays to
>> get you tax info. this speeds up you check out process.
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>> Mike Z sent the following on 7/1/2010 4:19 PM:
>>> Does anyone actively use TaxWare on 9.04?  If so, are you satisfied
>>> with it?  Since I live in WA state, I would have to charge
>>> deistination tax to customers.  Can TaxWare properly support WA state?
>>>   There are 350 different sales tax jurisdictions in WA state, each
>>> requiring monthly/quarterly reporting.
>>> Are there any other sales tax solutions available besides TaxWare and
>>> ZipSales, that are not part of SVN?  From what I can gather, ZipSales
>>> is no longer available.
>>> Comments?
>>> Thanks

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