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From Nicolas Malin <malin.nico...@librenberry.net>
Subject Re: Ofbiz vs Openbravo
Date Fri, 09 Jul 2010 13:32:34 GMT

Le 08/07/2010 23:04, Matt Warnock a écrit :
> We are a small distribution-type business (less than 10 employees) and
> were hoping for something that would "just work" OOTB for our situation.
> Everything in Neogia seemed set up for EU and VAT, rather than
> US-oriented, which was to be expected.  Maybe it would have been simple
> to change, but it wasn't all that clear to me.
OFBiz or Neogia aren't easier to use for small business.
> And although as I said Neogia seemed "better-behaved" with respect to
> the OFBiz code base, it still was not entirely clear to me where it
> diverged and why, and it seemed likely that all the documentation for
> that was mostly in French.  Having already spent too much time trying to
> analyze the Opentaps fork, I was perhaps too fearful of Neogia, and I
> elected for "straight" OFBiz, for the reasons cited previously.
> If you can clarify any of these issues for my own mind, and if Neogia
> would offer more ease of configuration or use than the OFBiz trunk,
> while keeping us close to the OFBiz development path, I might still have
> some interest in Neogia.
The development model used for Neogia, when it was like opentaps, has 
been stopped with the 1.4 release. Now, it's directly based on OFBiz 
trunk, and the goal is adding functionnalities, component, or anything 
else via addons. One of the goal is having addons for each market type, 
and for localization. If you want to have a more OFBiz profession 
oriented version (data, screens, services, small modifications of the 
standard code, etc...), you can use the addonmanager.
One of the point you have to take care is to separate correctly your 
modifications. Some of the addons can be given back to OFBiz and one of 
the good pratices is to make an addon for each "commitable" feature. 
This helps a lot for tracking bugs between improvements and jira.

After, you know that I'm french, so I can help you to create a business 
addon on technical point but not on functionnal ;)


> Merci d'avance.  :)

Nicolas MALIN
Tél :
Site projet : http://www.neogia.org/
Société LibrenBerry
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Site : http://www.librenberry.net/

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