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From Nicolas Malin <malin.nico...@librenberry.net>
Subject Re: Ofbiz vs Openbravo
Date Thu, 08 Jul 2010 19:11:38 GMT
Hello Matt, what do you need on Neogia ? If you need standard feature, 
you can see addons to use on recent OFBiz and if you have the specific 
functionnality can you give me it ? I can create Jira to improve OFBiz.


Le 08/07/2010 20:38, Matt Warnock a écrit :
> My evaluation was more feature-based.
> I had been watching both Opentaps and OFBiz for several years.  I needed
> (or would soon need) the accounting functions that Opentaps offered when
> it split off from OFBiz.  I hoped that eventually those functions would
> be integrated back into OFBiz, but Opentaps seems to be diverging from,
> rather than converging with, OFBiz in several important respects,
> although some Opentaps developers still seem to contribute to OFBiz
> code.  When OFBiz became an Apache top-level project, that sealed the
> decision for me.
> For me, OFBiz will probably initially be more work than Opentaps would
> have been, but I prefer to be on the mainline of the new feature
> development, and work with a code base that contributes back regularly.
> I think OFBiz has a stronger development team and model, and the
> features it once lacked (like accounting) are being added fairly fast as
> the project continues to grow.
> Neogia seemed like a better-behaved OFBiz derivative than OpenTaps to
> me, but language was an issue for us.  My organization (except for me)
> does not speak French, and I had no time to translate documentation.

Nicolas MALIN
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