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From Deyan Tsvetanov <deyan_of...@flexbrix.com>
Subject Add created_by and updated_by to all tables ?
Date Mon, 19 Jul 2010 15:03:03 GMT
Hi guys, 

another suggestion: to add 2 mandatory fields created_by and updated_by
to all tables by default like created_stamp and updated_stamp. Currently
there columns are added on demand in the entity definition but they are
often needed. 

Examples of usage:
1)  status change - there is no created_by in the entity status table -
In general customers would like to know who and when disabled the party
and who re-enabled it. The same applies to orders, invoices, etc. 

2) Another example for using these 2 columns is entity lock. When an
EntityLockedException is thrown it would be nice to include the
userLoginId of the user who updated the record as well as the time so we
can notify the user: 
"The record you are trying to save has been updated by Administrator,
The priviledged 5 minutes 32 secods ago. To cancel your request and
reload the changes click reload. To go ahead and overwrite the changes
done by Administrator click "Overwrite". "
Or so ...

3) Record based security - users could be allowed to modify records they
have created even without edit or admin permissions. 

Therefore it would be very very helpful if these 2 columns are present
by default, even if they allow null values to preserve the current code

-- deyan 

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