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From BJ Freeman <bjf...@free-man.net>
Subject Re: session clearing on each click of ofbiz application
Date Tue, 01 Jun 2010 14:13:42 GMT
not sure if it is related, but I just installed an new ofbiz through AJP
apache 2.2.3
I have ofbiz under a virtual server pasted setup from another server
that works.
I am having issues with https.
I can go to the actual server and use the https://localhost:port OK
but https://domainname.com/ from a remote location gives me a broken
connection error.
based on this I am focusing on apache and AJP to see what is changed.
It may be that  ofbiz needs an AJP container  for https

should have it debugged soon

BJ Freeman
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prasanthi_ofbiz sent the following on 6/1/2010 5:54 AM:
> Dear BJ,
> I found where the problem is  but I don't know why its happend. In the
> common-contoller.xml file located at
> ofbiz/framework/common/webcommon/WEB-INF/ there is a section  written below
> <preprocessor>
>         <!-- Events to run on every request before security (chains exempt)
> -->
>         <event name="check509CertLogin" type="java"
> path="org.ofbiz.webapp.control.LoginWorker" invoke="check509CertLogin"/>
>         <event name="checkRequestHeaderLogin" type="java"
> path="org.ofbiz.webapp.control.LoginWorker"
> invoke="checkRequestHeaderLogin"/>
>         <event name="checkServletRequestRemoteUserLogin" type="java"
> path="org.ofbiz.webapp.control.LoginWorker"
> invoke="checkServletRequestRemoteUserLogin"/>
>         <event name="checkExternalLoginKey" type="java"
> path="org.ofbiz.webapp.control.LoginWorker" invoke="checkExternalLoginKey"/>
>         <event name="checkProtectedView" type="java"
> path="org.ofbiz.webapp.control.ProtectViewWorker"
> invoke="checkProtectedView"/>
>     </preprocessor>
> Because of this each and every click visiting the function
> checkServletRequestRemoteUserLogin of LoginWorker.java. Inside this I have
> written code for calling webservices for getting remote user details and
> verifying the same user. This is normally taking approx 1 min. So that
> system is looking slow.
> I have two environments like
> Ofbiz1 and Ofbiz2 
> In Ofbiz1 environment server is accessed through Apache server which is in
> different location 
> In Ofbiz2 environment we are accessing directly the application server of
> ofbiz.
> Ofbiz1 runs on 443/80 ports and Ofbiz2 runs on 7443/7080 ports
> I don't know why the same thing is not happening in Ofbiz2 environment and
> happening in Ofbiz1 environment.
> Please help me...
> Regards
> Prasanthi

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