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From Martin Kreidenweis <martin.kreidenw...@tngtech.com>
Subject Performance issue: org.ofbiz.entity.transaction.TransactionUtil seems to be bottleneck
Date Mon, 31 May 2010 17:16:10 GMT

we are currently evaluating Apache OFBiz for use in one of our projects.

We expect a high load on our application. So we did a test with jMeter
on the sample ecommerce application with 100 parallel sessions and in
average 400 msec (randomized) wait time between requests.

During profiling we experienced that
org.ofbiz.entity.transaction.TransactionUtil.begin() is by far the
dominating method invoked and the application spends about 75% of total
time in this method.
This results in page load times over 10 seconds and growing.

Many threads are blocked because the method is defined as static and

We are using MySQL as a database backend in our test setup and
deactivated all informational logging (even server hit statistics), and
most of the sidebar widgets.

Any suggestions/ideas are highly appreciated.

Best regards,

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