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From BJ Freeman <bjf...@free-man.net>
Subject Re: Theme won't show up?
Date Wed, 05 May 2010 16:00:08 GMT
you have to either do a ant run-install-file
or import the file your modified /themes/mytheme/data/ThemeData.xml
through the webtools.
if you went the route of /framework/common/data/CommonTypeData.xml then
you must do the same with that file as well.

if you did a backeend theme then select it through the themes link at
the top of any page.
if you did a eccommerce theme then select it in the productstore
associated with the website you want to use it on.

BJ Freeman
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Olivier Tremblay sent the following on 5/5/2010 6:22 AM:
> Hello all!
> I've followed the guide in the wiki about making themes, and have created the skeleton
of a theme, leaving out the "if needed" parts. I was hoping to be able to build on the empty
theme from the ground up, but the theme doesn't show up in my theme list. What am I doing
wrong? Are there vital files I'm missing? Do I have to flush down the cache? Is there a minimal
amount of theme I have to put somewhere, and if so, where?
> Thanks!

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