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From Ryan Vanderwerf <rvanderw...@kpi-consulting.net>
Subject Re: Comparison with KonaKart (and other Java-based Open Source solutions)
Date Thu, 06 May 2010 17:22:21 GMT
We started out with OFBiz(I even made a Cybersource tax calc module if anyone wants it) but
ended up going with Softslate because:
1) we only needed e-commerce/frontend cart not all the ERP stuff
2) less complicated admin interface - (nobody in my org was a fan of the ofbiz admin interface)
3) ready support organization for help/consulting (I know there are ofbiz consultants, but
they are way more expensive than just getting support direct from Softslate/Konakart)
4) better documentation
5) chose softslate over konakart because $500 purchase gets you all the source, really a nominal
free. Source is pretty straightforward and clean too. Kona has hooks and APIs but sometimes
we need to really alter stuff for clients beyond the norm, and that source is not available.
6) simple drop-in war for our existing app server environment instead of running a parallel
server just for Ofbiz.

If we had any use for all for the other stuff, Ofbiz would be more compelling for sure. It's
a very big stick to wield for smaller e-commerce site. In our case a smaller tool for the
job was a better fit - our only hard requirement really was a java-based solution.


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From: "Michael Wechner" <michael.wechner@wyona.com>
To: user@ofbiz.apache.org
Sent: Thursday, May 6, 2010 8:42:19 AM GMT -06:00 US/Canada Central
Subject: Comparison with KonaKart (and other Java-based Open Source solutions)


I am currently evaluating Java-based Open Source eCommerce solutions, 
whereas it seems that there is only OFBiz and KonaKart, whereas KonaKart 
is not really Open Source (at least the core isn't) and since I very 
much appreciate the ASF, I would like to embrace OFBiz.

But in order to make a neutral/objective statement to my colleagues, I 
wanted to ask how you see this comparison and if there
exists any pointers (I searched via Google, but didn't really find 
anything useful) and if there are other alternatives?

First of all I have to say that installation from SVN trunk was very 
fine and I got OFBiz up and running very quickly (on Mac OS X Snow 
Leopard), but then some questions popped up:

1) How do I generate a WAR file such that I can deploy it within my own 

2) Where can I configure to use my own DB (instead Apache Derby) and 
what do I need to do
to populate the initial data (instead ant run-install)?

3) How can I change the Look/Feel of the Frontend?

4) How can I implement custom code, such as for example price reducing 
depending on number of shopped items?

5) How can I integrate OFBiz with my content management system (e.g 
display the shopping cart) inside the pages which are generated by the CMS?

6) What about Scalability and Performance (how many products, users, etc.)?

7) What about Backwards compatibility and upgradeability of OFBiz?

I will keep continue searching for answers and will keep you posted on 
my progress, but would
appreciate any feedback if you have any pointers at hand.




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