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From BJ Freeman <bjf...@free-man.net>
Subject Re: Question regarding Catalog management in Ofbiz
Date Fri, 30 Apr 2010 17:33:01 GMT
the rollup is like a linkilst instead of DB relationships.
there for it needs to be walked through.
Since not all Catagories have a rollup you start with the main category.
However what scott suggested about a view entity would give you the Id's
in each. what it will not give, is you all the ID that don't have rollup.

BJ Freeman
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Michal Cukierman sent the following on 4/30/2010 8:02 AM:
> The question was:
> Why PRIMARY_PARENT_CATEGORY_ID is not used while selecting root categories
> (after studying model I supose that there is no need of havin primary one)
> Why there is no relation (foreign key) on that column.
> But the main question was:
> Do we need to select all categoeries from the database to choose only couple
> of them.
> Today I was providing a training for the external customers (not Ofbiz).
> Anyway - I will provide you a parch as soon as I will get some time.
> All your messages regarding advertisment was off topic. It's a very bad
> thing in this mailing list. You could create a new thread for that.
> My summarization after first day in Ofbiz community:)
> - Great software (but need to be improved to catch up the competitors)
> - Very active community (but not focused on the problem)
> - Some people that are here not for helping :)
> Hope next day will be better :)
> 2010/4/30 Adrian Crum <adrianc@hlmksw.com>
>> On 4/30/2010 6:28 AM, Ruth Hoffman wrote:
>>> First, this mailing list is not about you posting your "beliefs" as
>>> regards OFBiz or anything else. This mailing list is suppose to be for
>>> the dissemination of facts concerning OFBIz.
>> And the point Scott was making is that you are not doing that. Instead, you
>> are promoting a book you have for sale.
>> Two questions were asked:
>> 1. Can a category be used in more than one Catalog?
>> 2. Can a category have more than one parent?
>> Your reply didn't answer either of those questions. Your reply was nothing
>> more than an advertisement for your book. Like Scott said, in the spirit of
>> the open source community, why not answer the questions first, and *then*
>> refer the person to your book?
>> -Adrian

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