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From Christopher Snow <sno...@snowconsulting.co.uk>
Subject Re: iCalendar integration into workeffort
Date Thu, 07 Jan 2010 17:21:10 GMT
Hi Adrian,

I think I had to associate a child event to the iCalendar workeffort 
before I could create events in Sunbird.  - I can't remember exactly I 
have tried so many combinations of things now!

Many thanks,


Adrian Crum wrote:
> Chris,
> Make sure Sunbird is authenticating to OFBiz and that the user has the 
> correct permissions. According to the iCalendar spec, in order to 
> update a calendar, the user must be the calendar owner or a delegate.
> -Adrian
> Christopher Snow wrote:
>> When I use a calendar application (sunbird) to access my iCalendar 
>> and create an event, the event doesn't show in the ofbiz calendar.  
>> Looking though the ofbiz code, it looks as though the iCalendar 
>> implementation only stores data in WorkEffortIcalData.  I was 
>> expecting to be able to see externally scheduled items appear in the 
>> ofbiz calendar and vice versa.
>> Have I understood this correctly?
>> Many thanks in advance,
>> Chris

Chris Snow - CEng MBCS CITP MBA (Tech Mgmt) (Open) CISSP

Tel: 01453 890660
Mob: 07944 880950
Www: www.snowconsulting.co.uk

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