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From Sharan-F <sharan.f...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: purchase invoice payment
Date Fri, 02 Oct 2009 07:26:28 GMT

Hi Chris

No worries – I'm no OFBiz expert either and OFBiz was new to everyone at
some point or other.

The scenario you describe sounds like Indirect Purchasing so could be
something like office supplies etc, rather than something that is directly
part of a product or a product manufacturing process that will be on sold to

You're also talking about pre-payment here because you pay (via credit card)
before the product itself gets delivered. A lot of purchasing processes have
the product delivered first then they send the invoice and even then you get
several days (or weeks or months!) in which to pay.

It will probably depend on the number of these purchasing credit card
transactions that will determine how you handle it. It there are a lot of
them then you'd probably want to streamline it. 

What I've seen done before is an import of an electronic credit card
statement where the payment is generated from the statement itself and then
matched to the purchase invoice via reference numbers etc.

Without knowing too much about your scope and thinking off the top of my
head you could put something together that could create the payment
automatically but you still might need some way to track the company credit
card transactions like you would a bank account.  You'd probably want to
track the credit limit for the card since you dont want the employee to
spend $1001 when the credit card limit it $1000.You may also want  to setup
a GL account to mirror the credit card transactions in the General Ledger
for reconciliation and accounting purposes.

Not sure if this helps much but hopefully someone else may respond with
other ideas too.


Chris Snow-3 wrote:
> Hi Sharan, 
> Many thanks for the detailed reply. 
> The type of scenario I was thinking about was where a company employee 
> purchases a consumable product using company credit card.  The company 
> is a small business and does not need a purchase order approval 
> process.  I was thinking that because the payment has already been made 
> by credit card, having the payment as a separate step in ofbiz makes the 
> process quite cumbersome.
> I apologize if my questions (and usage of ofbiz) seem stupid!
> Many thanks,
> Chris
> Sharan-F wrote:
>> Hi Chris
>> I'm not sure that you can automate a payment in this way in OFBiz and I'm
>> not sure from a business perspective that you would want to take out the
>> manual creation of payments to suppliers (since effectively you're taking
>> out key verification / approval step).
>> OFBiz can generate the purchase invoice for you if you use Order Entry to
>> enter a Purchase Order to a supplier, then when  you  receive the
>> purchase
>> order products  Ofbiz will generate a 'pro forma' invoice (which in
>> layman's
>> terms is 'draft Purchase Invoice' based on the Purchase Order.) so it
>> will
>> contain the same costs and taxes as the original purchase order.
>> When the real Purchase Invoice arrives you can enter any adjustments (eg
>> perhaps they gave you a discount or there was a price increase that you
>> werent aware of) and update the pro forma invoice so that it is correct,
>> then you can approve it and pay it.
>> I suppose similar to the 'pro forma invoice' concept you could create a
>> 'pro
>> forma payment' but you'd still need some form of manual approval to
>> ensure
>> that the company bank account will be able bear the cost of the payment. 
>> I've been on projects where we have implemented automatic Purchase
>> Order/Goods Received Note(GRN) and payment voucher generation for
>> purchase
>> orders so I know there are businesses out there that do use it.
>> Thanks
>> Sharan
>> Chris Snow-3 wrote:
>>> If I receive enter a purchase invoice into ofbiz when I receive a
>>> vendors
>>> invoice, I have to:
>>> - raise the purchase invoice
>>> - raise an outgoing payment and apply to the purchase invoice.
>>> Is it possible to combine the steps, i.e. raising the invoice and
>>> automatically generate the payment for the invoice and apply it to the
>>> invoice?
>>> Many thanks in advance,
>>> Chri

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