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From Divesh Dutta <divesh.du...@hotwaxmedia.com>
Subject Re: About automatic purchase order ship and receive
Date Tue, 03 Mar 2009 07:02:31 GMT
Hello Liu,
         Now in OFBiz , When Purchase Order is placed, Order is in 
ORDER_CREATED status and item in order is in ITEM_CREATED status. So 
when user clicks on link of  "Approve Order" then, Order is in 
ORDER_APPROVED status and item in Order is in ITEM_APPROVED status. So 
according to your service when ever user Clicks on Approve Order link, 
Shipment will be created automatically and Inventory will also be 
received automatically. And if receive is successfull then Order will be 
in Complete status. But if user approves the order and if he wish to 
edit items or add more items in order after that. Then your service will 
be  killing this process.
                                      Presently if User clicks on 
Approve Order then an option occurs for "Quick Receive Purchase Order". 
This is a multi process step where Shipment is created first and then 
Order items are received for this Shipment. So to automate this process, 
we can have functionality like when user clicks on "Quick Receive 
Purchase Order" then quickShipPurchaseOrder and receiveInventoryProduct 
should be called automatically. And so this multi step process can be 
reduced to single step process.
                                       Lets see what community says on this.


> Hi all,
> We have implement automatically purchase order ship and receive
> by the follow step,
> 1. Create a customize service and invoke service quickShipPurchaseOrder and
> receiveInventoryProduct
> 2. Add a customize eca service as below to invoke this new defined service.
> <eca service="*changeOrderItemStatus*" event="*commit*">
>   <condition field-name="*statusId*" operator="*equals*" value="*
>   <action service="*automaticReceivePurchaseOrder*" mode="*sync*" />
> </eca>
> So does anybody also did this kind of change before and can u advice us that
> whether there would be any impact to the out-of-the-box process for this
> change?
> Regards,
> Liu Xiangqian
> Wizitsoft Information Technology Ltd.
> www.wizitsoft.com | (86) 010-62670653 ext 614

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