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From Arpit Singh Pandya <arpit.pan...@hotwaxmedia.com>
Subject Re: Add To List is Working only for Virtual
Date Thu, 19 Feb 2009 08:53:58 GMT
Hello David,

Thanks for the Reply.

I was looking for that too, but this answer is a part of what i am 
expecting. because I am thinking of a product which is a little bit 
different from traditional product which we are using in e-commerce (i 
think so, but may be i am wrong to).

the product is such as :-* configure product, associate with virtual 
product having some optional feature and also follow the

is this scenario present in OOTB, for such kind of product (i am not 
able to find) or any body is working on it.

Please let me know, if i am thinking wrong or going in wrong direction, 
is this possible in ofbiz or not.

and the main problem is same as explained by Vivek.

Thanks & Regards
Arpit Singh Pandya

Vivek Mishra wrote:
> Thanks for the reply David,
> Here main problem is that how can we add a configurable product in 
> Shopping List from Product detail page cause configurable product is
> created when we submit the order.
> I am trying to do it with feature tree generation technique.
> Kind Regards,
> -- 
> Vivek Mishra
> David E Jones wrote:
>> Arpit,
>> This is a great write-up with lots of detail about your question and 
>> issue.
>> I'm not sure what a good answer is, other than: what you are looking 
>> for is different than what is currently implemented so some changes 
>> are needed to make it work that way.
>> Is that the sort of feedback you were looking for? If not, please 
>> feel free to follow-up with additional questions.
>> -David
>> On Feb 17, 2009, at 6:14 AM, Arpit Singh Pandya wrote:
>>> Hello Jacques, All ,
>>> Thanks for your Suggestion. I just go through explanations of 
>>> feature explosion mechanism. its really very helpful to me.
>>> as we see shopping list behavior  from two different page
>>> 1 from product detail page
>>> 2 from show cart page (after add to cart).
>>> But I am still confused about the different behavior of wish list 
>>> from different page, but IMO it should work same from both place 
>>> then it will be more significant. Here is the steps that i follow
>>> 1. Login with admin and ofbiz
>>> 2. Product detail page select all the feature for the product 
>>> *WG-9943*  color:- Black ,  Size : - 4 Wheel
>>> 3 and then click to "*Add to shopping list *"  ,
>>> then in shopping(wish) list page, it Shows the Virtual Product 
>>> WG-9943 with out feature which I selected from product detail page,
>>> where IMO it should show  *WG-9943-B4*
>>> Wish List also shows the link in the last column with the drop down 
>>> which contains all variants of that product (as they are available 
>>> as Finished Goods in data base ). and we can *Replace with 
>>> available  variant.*
>>> Then some doubts as
>>> 1.What about that option which I selected from Product Detail Page ?
>>> 2.why i will again select the variant which I already selected in 
>>> previous page before clicking on "Add To Shopping List". ?
>>> OK it is the case for the Variants Explosion Mechanism. As variants 
>>> are available in data base
>>> But in case of Feature Explosion Mechanism as we know that it will 
>>> create
>>> 1. From product detail page select feature for the product *WG-9944* 
>>> *color : - black . Size  :- 4 Wheel*
>>> 2. click on the "Add To Shopping list"
>>> then in shopping(wish) list page we again get the Virtual Product 
>>> *WG-9944*  in the list,
>>> and as there is no Variant available  in Data  Base, so in list 
>>> there is no variant available (because that variant is created 
>>> dynamically) , and then when we click on "Add to Cart" button from 
>>> shopping list page
>>> and will again send us to product detail page with the message : -
>>> "*Choose Variation Before Adding to Cart.*"
>>> but now as the purpose of wish list i can understand that the, one 
>>> can save the list of product what he wants/ likes to buy in the near 
>>> future,
>>> and if that shopping list not contain the product with the selected 
>>> features which was already saved.
>>> It is the current scenario of wish list.
>>> There is one more case where it works fine
>>> for that i followed these steps
>>>         - > Login with admin and ofbiz
>>>         - > Select Features for the product *(WG-9944 / WG-9943)*
>>>         - > click on "Add to Cart" button
>>>         - > then go to "view cart / Show cart" page
>>>         - > select the "check box" for the product
>>>         - > click on "Add to Shopping List"
>>> then go to shopping list page , there we can see it is showing the 
>>> proper variants for the product.
>>> Thanks & Regards
>>> ---
>>> Arpit Singh Pandya
>>> Jacques Le Roux wrote:
>>>> Actually it works (you get the right price in the shopping list). 
>>>> This is due to how feature explosion works. Look for instance at 
>>>> WG-9943 : you can select the variants and have them clearly in the 
>>>> shopping list.
>>>> Please look for explanations about feature explosion mechanism.
>>>> Jacques
>>>> From: "Arpit Singh Pandya" <arpit.pandya@hotwaxmedia.com>
>>>>> Hello All,
>>>>> In Product Detail page while adding product to the shopping/wish 
>>>>> list, it will only take Virtual Product in the shopping/wish list, 
>>>>> although we can select the variant for that product. I refer to 
>>>>> product as Large Widgets (WG-9944)
>>>>> is it the proper functionality of wish/shopping list. ?
>>>>> Please let me know I am wrong about this.
>>>>> Thanks & Regards
>>>>> Arpit Singh Pandya

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