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From Adrian Crum <adri...@hlmksw.com>
Subject Re: Odd locale behaviour
Date Wed, 11 Feb 2009 15:47:44 GMT
There is no need to do a clean or build after you make properties 
changes. In the case of start.properties, all that is needed is 
restarting OFBiz - since the properties are read during startup. Most 
other properties can be reloaded by clearing the cache.


Sven Wesley wrote:
> They were both set to correct language, but I did a serious clean and then
> it actually worked as expected. The ant-script doesn't seem to rebuild on
> property-changes?
> 2009/2/11 Adrian Crum <adrianc@hlmksw.com>
>> The locales.available property in general.properties only controls which
>> locales are displayed for the user to choose from. It does not control the
>> default locale.
>> The default locale is defined by the ofbiz.locale.default property in
>> start.properties.
>> -Adrian
>> Sven Wesley wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I have an instance that later on will be used for e-shopping, There's also
>>> a
>>> half done Swedish translation. The store locale is set to sv_SE,
>>> In general.properties I have
>>>  locale.properties.fallback=en
>>>  locales.available=sv
>>> And in start.properties I have
>>>  ofbiz.locale.default=sv
>>> Despite that, everything is shown in English. If I change the
>>> general.properties to "locales.available=sv,de" so I actually can change
>>> to
>>> Swedish with brute force as a user - it will work!
>>> Am I missing something? I had the translation working before in my test
>>> lab.
>>> Regards,
>>> Sven

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