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From Arpit Singh Pandya <arpit.pan...@hotwaxmedia.com>
Subject Re: What is the use of ProductFeatureIactn entity
Date Wed, 04 Feb 2009 15:37:07 GMT
Yes Amit, Jacques , All

Of course its a general problem, in the current scenario the entity 
(ProductFeatureIactn)  is of no use because of the following reason
I have doubts regarding to this entity

     *Doubt* :-
                   1. If we are not giving the entry of  *productId* 
field of entity ProductFeatureIactn in the *DemoProduct.xml* file, which 
is needed .
                        what is the use of this without proper entry ?
                   2. The code which is used to apply this functionality 
*(ie which features are incompatible or depended with any particular
                     product)* in ProductWorker.java are commented, why 
                   3. and also there are some code of no use...??

     I have a proposal for this problem with the solution :-
                   1. Make an entry of productId in ProductFeatureIactn 
entity of DemoProduct.xml file.
                   2. I Uncomment the lines which are in use to 
implement this  functionality  *(**ie it will work for functionality, 
which features are 
                   incompatible or depended with any particular 
product**)*  in ecommerce component.
                   3.and also i deleted some code of no use there.

and i even checked it with this changes on ecommerce component which is 
already described in my previous mail  , which is working fine for me.

I have a working patch for this Problem.

what do you think.?
and Please let me know if I am wrong in any point, your comments are 
most welcome.

Kind Regards
Arpit Singh Pandya

Amit Sharma wrote:
> Actually i need that type of functionality which will help to create 
> custom application for  me. that's why i gone through where it is 
> implemented.
> so i think its general problem and
> <ProductFeatureIactn productFeatureId="9000" productFeatureIdTo="9002" 
> productFeatureIactnTypeId="FEATURE_IACTN_INCOMP"/>
> because above line should  make sense in DemoProduct.xml
> but its not .
> After doing this
> 1. You have to make entry for productId field on ProductFeatureIactn 
> entity like for product say productId="WG-9944"
> 2. Uncomment line no.  1002, 1003 and 1006 in file ProductWorker.java
> 3. Comment line no. 1007 and 1008 in file ProductWorker.java
> which has explain by Arpit , works fine
> please let me know about your views.
> Thanks & Regards
> Amit Sharma
> Jacques Le Roux wrote:
>> Is this still a problem for you ? I mean is it a general problem ?
>> Jacques
>> From: "Amit Sharma" <amit.sharma@hotwaxmedia.com>
>>> Hello Users,
>>> Can somebody help regarding ProductFeatureIactn entity in 
>>> DemoProduct.xml file of ecommerce application that where we are 
>>> getting the changes when we put 
>>> productFeatureIactnTypeId="FEATURE_IACTN_DEPEND" or 
>>> productFeatureIactnTypeId="FEATURE_IACTN_INCOMP".
>>> i thing if we take productFeatureIactnTypeId="FEATURE_IACTN_INCOMP" 
>>> the following line
>>> <ProductFeatureIactn productFeatureId="9000" 
>>> productFeatureIdTo="9002" 
>>> productFeatureIactnTypeId="FEATURE_IACTN_INCOMP"/>
>>> Here 9000 is incompatible with 9002 but i can't get the affect on 
>>> product WG-9944 and WG-9943 in which both the features are applied.
>>> So please help me to figure it out , how it works.
>>> Thanks in advance
>>> Amit Sharma
>>> Amit Sharma wrote:
>>>> Hello all,
>>>> I was reviewing DemoProduct.xml of ecommerce.
>>>> Can anybody tell me what is the use of ProductFeatureIactn entity.
>>>> Thanks and Regards
>>>> Amit Sharma

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