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From "bjfree@free-man.net" <bjf...@free-man.net>
Subject Re: 4.0 help with fedex servers, weighing, and printing labels
Date Thu, 02 Oct 2008 18:55:26 GMT
if you look in the products controller you will see the labels and track 
to the pages.
The shipper was defined at order time
that is what determines to use Fedex.

if you look at the fedex code you will see a lot of todo's
Not much has changed since 4.0
that is were the  communication with the fedex servers is done.
Wieghts have to be put in manually,OOTB, but there is a scale applet 
that is in the code you can integrate.

if you look at lines 917 to 926 they deal with return data from fedex
shipmentPackageRouteSeg.setBytes("labelImage", labelBytes);
is the label.

you can look in committs
to see what was done beyond 4.0

mayo wrote:
> I have been researching and testing OFBiz 4.0 for 2-3 months and cannot
> figure out how the fulfillment process continues after picking and packing.
> I've googled and browsed the OFBiz wiki many times, but couldn't find
> explanations. 
> After packing orders I see them listed in "Scheduling", but when I select
> them and click "Schedule these route segments", the page is goes to the
> Labels view with nothing showing. I click on the Schedule view and my packed
> orders are still there.  I am pretty sure the shipment status needs to
> change to "Ship", but I am unclear how all this is suppose to happen without
> manually changing them.  And how is OFBiz suppose to communicate with FedEx
> servers, label printers, and weighing machines?
> Would someone be able to point me in the right direction or be able to
> explain to me how the processes should work?  Any information would be
> greatly appreciated.
> - Al

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