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From BJ Freeman <bjf...@free-man.net>
Subject Re: JavaPOS Epson's TM-U220PD
Date Wed, 01 Oct 2008 02:07:31 GMT
you have to navigate the epson software
first download
where every you install it(usually program files on windows)
look in

this is the usb config for Jpos.xml
    <JposEntry logicalName="POSPrinter">
        <vendor name="SEIKO EPSON" url="http://www.epson.com"/>
        <jpos category="POSPrinter" version="1.11"/>
        <product description="EPSON TM-U220D Printer Device Service"
name="EPSON Services for JavaPOS(TM) Standard" url="http://www.epson.com"/>

        <!--Other non JavaPOS required property (mostly vendor
properties and bus specific properties i.e. RS232 )-->
        <prop name="Halftone" type="String" value="0"/>
        <prop name="PhysicalPrinterName" type="String" value="TM-U220D"/>
        <prop name="NVRAMControlLevel" type="String" value="1"/>
        <prop name="Stamp" type="String" value="0"/>
        <prop name="OutputCompleteType" type="String" value="2"/>
        <prop name="StatusThreadInterval" type="String" value="100"/>
        <prop name="OutputTimeout" type="String" value="500"/>
        <prop name="PortType" type="String" value="2"/>
        <prop name="OutputBufferSize" type="String" value="65536"/>
        <prop name="FirmRecordLog" type="String" value="1"/>
        <prop name="UsedNVRAM" type="String" value="0"/>
        <prop name="ReceiveTimeout" type="String" value="1000"/>
        <prop name="SlpReverseEject" type="String" value="0"/>
        <prop name="PortName" type="String" value="TM-U220"/>
        <prop name="OfflineRetryIntervalTime" type="String" value="25"/>
        <prop name="DefaultSlpClampTime" type="String" value="0"/>
        <prop name="epson.trace.file" type="String" value="trace.log"/>
        <prop name="AsyncProcessingSize" type="String" value="1"/>
        <prop name="KanjiTwoWaysPrint" type="String" value="0"/>
        <prop name="PulseStep" type="String" value="2"/>
        <prop name="PortInterfaceName" type="String" value="USB"/>
        <prop name="OutPipe" type="String" value="0"/>
        <prop name="U375Compatible" type="String" value="0"/>
        <prop name="PortNameType" type="String" value="0"/>
        <prop name="preCutterFunction" type="String" value="0"/>
        <prop name="epson.tracing" type="String" value="false"/>
        <prop name="epson.trace.max.size" type="String" value="1000"/>
        <prop name="RecPaperSize" type="String" value="76"/>
        <prop name="DeviceDesc" type="String" value="EPSON TM-U220D
        <prop name="PageModeExt" type="String" value="0"/>
        <prop name="SupportStatistics" type="String" value="1"/>
        <prop name="OutputErrorOption" type="String" value="0"/>
        <prop name="FirmProgressRange" type="String" value="10"/>
        <prop name="SupportFirmware" type="String" value="0"/>
        <prop name="InputTimeout" type="String" value="100"/>
        <prop name="AutoPowerOff" type="String" value="0"/>
        <prop name="SlpMoreColumns" type="String" value="0"/>
        <prop name="RecPaperType" type="String" value="0"/>
        <prop name="MemorySwitch" type="String" value="0"/>
        <prop name="ReadThreadInterval" type="String" value="-1"/>
        <prop name="QueuingOfflineTimeout" type="String" value="1000"/>
        <prop name="TwoColor" type="String" value="1"/>
        <prop name="InitializeThreadTime" type="String" value="1000"/>
        <prop name="TwoByteCharacter" type="String" value="0"/>
        <prop name="FirmLogFileSize" type="String" value="1000"/>
        <prop name="Peeler" type="String" value="0"/>
        <prop name="InPipe" type="String" value="1"/>
        <prop name="ConfigurationFile" type="String"
        <prop name="Custom1Color" type="String" value="0xFF0000"/>
        <prop name="preEndorseFunction" type="String" value="0"/>
        <prop name="Upos.Spec_c" type="String" value="false"/>
        <prop name="FirmNotifyAllProgressEvents" type="String" value="0"/>
        <prop name="InitializeResponseTimeout" type="String" value="1000"/>
        <prop name="ReceiveRetryTime" type="String" value="25"/>
        <prop name="UsedInterCharacterSet" type="String" value="0"/>
        <prop name="RecMoreColumns" type="String" value="0"/>
        <prop name="PrinterTransmitTimeout" type="String" value="30000"/>
        <prop name="WriteThreadInterval" type="String" value="-1"/>
        <prop name="preORCBFunction" type="String" value="0"/>
        <prop name="RecNearEndSensor" type="String" value="1"/>
        <prop name="LogObject" type="String" value=""/>
        <prop name="Cutter" type="String" value="0"/>
        <prop name="PhysicalDevice" type="String" value="TM-U220D"/>
        <prop name="FirmLogFileName" type="String" value="Firmware.log"/>
        <prop name="UsedPeeler" type="String" value="0"/>
        <prop name="InputBufferSize" type="String" value="4096"/>
        <prop name="TransmitTimeout" type="String" value="5000"/>
        <prop name="OfflineCount" type="String" value="2"/>
        <prop name="TransmitRetryTime" type="String" value="100"/>
        <prop name="DirectIOEventTimeout" type="String" value="5000"/>

BJ Freeman sent the following on 9/30/2008 5:45 PM:
> I have been doing printer drivers since cpm days.
> they don't provide one, I do.
> :)
> Branden Strickland sent the following on 9/30/2008 5:17 PM:
>> Wow, Bj, I'm not even sure they offer USB support, but I only say that
>> because *I* haven't tested it yet.  Heck I've been so busy with the full
>> time job, it's taken all the fun out of the last 2 months.  I've had
>> practicly ZERO time to devote to OFBIZ which makes my face redder than the
>> sun on the Japanese flag!
>> Rajeev, This is your product (
>> http://www.posguys.com/receipt-printer_12/Epson-TM-U220_502/C31C518653_4204/)
>> what you need is either:
>> http://www.posguys.com/receipt-printer_12/Epson-TM-U220_502/C823361_3470/
>> http://www.posguys.com/receipt-printer_12/Epson-TM-U220_502/C32C824151_3472/
>> Or if BJ is correct about USB (I havn't tested yet)
>> http://www.posguys.com/receipt-printer_12/Epson-TM-U220_502/C32C824111_3471/
>> Also, for loud kitchens, same as Serial above, except has a loud sound
>> associated with it (to wake up your cooks)
>> http://www.posguys.com/receipt-printer_12/Epson-TM-U220_502/210466400_3475/
>> Enjoy,
>> On Mon, Sep 29, 2008 at 12:01 PM, BJ Freeman <bjfree@free-man.net> wrote:
>>> parallel is considered legacy, since the trend is usb,
>>> wirless(802.11B/G), and bluetooth.
>>> though you can write a parallel driver, I suggest you get a USB,
>>> Wireless or Bluetooth coverter.
>>> they range from $10 to about $90.
>>> Branden Strickland sent the following on 9/29/2008 6:42 AM:
>>>> Epson ADK does NOT offer support on Parallel port access to their
>>> printers.
>>>> I don't know why... They offer Serial, and TCP/IP, but not Parralell.  I
>>>> suggest getting a new modual for the back of the printer, they're roughly
>>>> 20-30 US dollars from a place like pos-guys.com.
>>>> I spent probably 3 months trying to figure that out... Called Epson and
>>> the
>>>> whole works.   No Parralell... Rats!
>>>> Hope this helped.
>>>> On Mon, Sep 29, 2008 at 6:18 AM, Jacques Le Roux <
>>>> jacques.le.roux@les7arts.com> wrote:
>>>>> Which program is asking you this question ? You mean XML file to fill
>>>>> OFBiz ?
>>>>> I had a quick look and thought 1st about PortType attribute but maybe
>>>>> deviceBus is better, to check in ADK documentation...
>>>>> Also I never noticed that there were duplicates in the attribure
>>> generated
>>>>> by the ADK (same in
>>>>> http://docs.ofbiz.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=5063)
>>>>> For instance
>>>>>   Parity
>>>>>   PortName
>>>>>   FlowControl
>>>>> But actually they are not since they are case sensitive I guess. So
>>> maybe
>>>>> we should kept them same (upper and lower) but I'm unsure
>>>>> of that, since some are generated as they are now (I only modified
>>> PortName
>>>>> in Linux and it worked fine)... Odd !
>>>>> Jacques
>>>>> From: "gopalbi" <gopal.bisht@hytechpro.com>
>>>>>> Hello Friends,
>>>>>> I've got a TM-U220PD with paralell port, also I downloaded Epson
>>> JavaPOS
>>>>>> ADK. When I want to add my TM-U220PD there is a section where the
>>> program
>>>>>> ask me what kind of port I am using, I want to say paralell but it
>>> doesn't
>>>>>> have that option (only serial, usb, wired and wireless). My question
>>>>>> that
>>>>>> if the TM-T88IV with paralell interface support JavaPOS?
>>>>>> Thanks in Advance
>>>>>> Thanks & Regards:
>>>>>> Gopal Bisht
>>>>>> --
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