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From "Milind W" <mailingl...@mymunshi.com>
Subject Re: How to start with OFBiz
Date Sat, 02 Aug 2008 22:45:09 GMT
Based on my experience which is not much so far.

1)Start my installing ofbiz
Make sure your JAVA_HOME environment variable is set to Java JDK.
You will have to get the source using a svn tool or you could download a
build directly from

2)Use eclipse as IDE definitely helps in searching and modifying files.
Use the  xml plugin.
Unzip the file in your eclipse plugin folder.

3)Download and watch the training videos (1 to 9)

4)Start with Si Chens hello 1-3 tutorials.
I had trouble getting them to work but figuring out the problem has helped
me understand some of the concepts. Let me know if anyone has problems
with the tutorials and I will be glad to send the working versions I have.

5)It would be a good if you understand the concepts like 1 to 1, 1 to Many
and Many to Many relationships.
If not you should definitely familiarize your self before you start
building your own applications.

6)Try modifying existing application or create your new examples.
Post your doubts here on user@ofbiz.apache.org and hope someone will
answer your question and not send you general wiki links or ask you to
read a bunch of documentation.

Good luck.

> hello,I am new to OFBiz, Please give me some pointer to move on further
> for development in OFBiz.Thanks--Sneha

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