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From "Jacques Le Roux" <jacques.le.r...@les7arts.com>
Subject Re: How to start with OFBiz
Date Sun, 03 Aug 2008 08:49:32 GMT
From: "Milind W" <mailinglist@mymunshi.com>
> hi,
> I chose the  hello tutorial as it provides complete code (at least screen
> shots of the code).
> The wiki tutorial just list the steps without any code for accomplishing
> the steps. I don't think its very useful for a newbie.
> e.g
> "Define services for CRUD operations for Party entity. Name of services
> will be createPracticeParty, updatePracticeParty, deletePracticeParty"

About this point the wiki tutorial could be updated/enhanced using the new engine="entity-auto"
atttibute exposed in 

> How should the newbie figure out what should be the content of each of
> those services.
> Yes you can try to figure out stuff by looking at example but it's easier
> to having a independent working tutorial with complete code.
> It would be nice to have hello4  hello5 ... each explaining one  concept
> at a time with complete code.
> So hello4 could be how to enable security. Hello5 could how to send and
> setup email etc...

I'm not sure Si would allow his work, even amended to run, to be included in OFBiz documentation.
We (you? ;o) could create new one 
in the same spirit maybe using Example component concepts. And of course Hello4, Hello5, ...
would be welcome..;



> I don't mind taking a crack it I keep making progress with ofbiz.
> Thanks
> -Milind
>> curious why you chose the example instead of
>> http://docs.ofbiz.org/display/OFBIZ/OFBiz+Beginner%27s+Development+Guide+Using+Practice+Application
>> Milind W sent the following on 8/2/2008 3:45 PM:
>>> hi,
>>> Based on my experience which is not much so far.
>>> 1)Start my installing ofbiz
>>> http://docs.ofbiz.org/display/OFBADMIN/Demo+and+Test+Setup+Guide
>>> Make sure your JAVA_HOME environment variable is set to Java JDK.
>>> You will have to get the source using a svn tool or you could download a
>>> build directly from
>>> http://build.hotwaxmedia.com/
>>> 2)Use eclipse as IDE definitely helps in searching and modifying files.
>>> Use the  xml plugin.
>>> http://xmlbuddy.com/2.0/licensed.html
>>> Unzip the file in your eclipse plugin folder.
>>> 3)Download and watch the training videos (1 to 9)
>>> http://docs.ofbiz.org/display/OFBTECH/Framework+Introduction+Videos+and+Diagrams
>>> 4)Start with Si Chens hello 1-3 tutorials.
>>> http://www.opensourcestrategies.com/ofbiz/tutorials.php
>>> I had trouble getting them to work but figuring out the problem has
>>> helped
>>> me understand some of the concepts. Let me know if anyone has problems
>>> with the tutorials and I will be glad to send the working versions I
>>> have.
>>> 5)It would be a good if you understand the concepts like 1 to 1, 1 to
>>> Many
>>> and Many to Many relationships.
>>> If not you should definitely familiarize your self before you start
>>> building your own applications.
>>> 6)Try modifying existing application or create your new examples.
>>> Post your doubts here on user@ofbiz.apache.org and hope someone will
>>> answer your question and not send you general wiki links or ask you to
>>> read a bunch of documentation.
>>> Good luck.
>>> -Milind
>>>> hello,I am new to OFBiz, Please give me some pointer to move on further
>>>> for development in OFBiz.Thanks--Sneha

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