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From "Heidi Dehaes" <info.ola...@gmail.com>
Subject ofbiz is so slow
Date Wed, 02 Jul 2008 08:47:08 GMT

I use the ofbiz application and embedded tomcat server behind a Apache
I am wondering that webpages on the Apache web server are very fast
and webpages from the ofbizapplication are very slow.

My database behind the application is MYSQL.
I use 4 GB central memory with a Q6600 Quad Core Intel Processor on
Windows Vista.

Is it normal ? How to speed up the ofbiz application?
I use already standard caching possibilities in the catalog screen.


ofbiz:       http://www.olagos.eu
apache:   http://www.olagos.eu/soldenzomer2008/index.html

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