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From "Branden Strickland" <openforbusiness...@gmail.com>
Subject pos printer - fixed - suggestion
Date Mon, 19 May 2008 19:38:31 GMT
I finally found epsons 1.9 adk, followed directions found on a ofbiz
jira forum.  However, because I'm using a cashdrawer that soley uses a
signal from the printer, even commenting out the cashdrawer in
pos-containers didn't work.  I had to change PosTransaction.java and
commented out the popDrawer function. It kept giving me a null
exception because as far s the pos is concerned, there is no drawer.
maybe a thought is to make that conditional for the drawers that don't
actually rely on the pos instead getting the signal from the printer.

Sorry for the grammer, this is comming from my phone.

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