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From David E Jones <jone...@hotwaxmedia.com>
Subject Re: OFBiz and cloud computing
Date Thu, 01 May 2008 01:38:54 GMT

After listening to the FeatherCast episode about Hadoop I spent a  
couple hour reading about it, and filling in my knowledge gap about  
the Map-Reduce distributed processing pattern.

It might be interesting to hook up a distributed database like HBase,  
but whether or not it would do better than a good traditional database  
in a clustered mode is a tough question. In fact, for operational/ 
transaction systems in most cases my guess is that it would be  
significantly less efficient (where quick response as opposed to lots  
of data is more critical).

On the other hand, for data warehousing and running reports, something  
like Hadoop combined with HBase would probably significantly improve  
performance, and even allow for huge reports being done in a few  
seconds that would normally take many minutes.

 From the execution perspective the Map-Reduce stuff is possibly even  
somewhat compatible with the way the Service Engine does things.  
That's kind of neither here nor there though, because the OFBiz  
infrastructure is all about handling a large number of small requests  
doing mostly very small and simple operations. That is by nature very  
concurrency friendly, and actually needs to be concurrent by nature.  
In other words there isn't a reason to try to introduce algorithm  
changes to make things easier to parallelize, they are mostly that way  
by nature in OFBiz.

For the data warehousing stuff (which we're just getting into, Jacopo  
has been driving that mostly to date), it would be really cool to  
support HBase with the entity engine (which would be really easy if it  
has a JDBC driver, and if not it may still be not be too hard as long  
as it organizes data in a relational way and supports general  
relational operations such as SQL-ish queries.


On Apr 30, 2008, at 4:42 PM, Calum Miller wrote:
> Admittedly this is a bit off the wall but any reason why the  
> EntityEngine could not have a Cloud interface to something like  
> Hadoop/HBase?
> Strikes me that the simple EntityEngine map view of the world is not  
> too far from the MapReduce view. It would be very cool to dump an  
> existing OFBiz database running on Oracle/Derby then re-import into  
> a cloud model to support massive data sets and parallel processing  
> of queries.
> Calum

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