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From David E Jones <jone...@hotwaxmedia.com>
Subject Re: About issue: Clean up labels between order and ecommerce application (OFBIZ-1780)
Date Mon, 19 May 2008 16:54:13 GMT

On May 19, 2008, at 8:56 AM, Adrian Crum wrote:

> Jacques Le Roux wrote:
>> From: "Bruno Busco" <bruno.busco@gmail.com>
>>> I think that in order to keep things simple and maintaneable we  
>>> should avoid
>>> that a label is overwritten in two different UiLabels files to  
>>> have a
>>> different and more specific text.
>>> If we do like this it will be an easy job to automatically check  
>>> for label
>>> duplication.
>> +1000, I totally agree : simple is beautiful. We don't need  
>> complexity at this level. Or someone has to explain me why...
> A good example is the Asset Maintenance component - which reuses  
> screens from the Accounting component, but changes some terminology  
> so that it makes more sense to a maintenance person. In that case,  
> the UI labels used in the Accounting component screens are redefined  
> in Asset Maintenance.

This is an interesting use of label overriding, but I'm not sure I  
like it... If the meaning of some text somewhere is different from the  
meaning implied by the previously used label then my preference would  
be to see a different label.

The labels are really meant for enabling translation and not so much  
for overriding text. They can certainly be used that way, but if it  
obfuscates meaning them over time it may make things more difficult to  
understand and maintain.

That's just my thought though... either way I don't want to see us  
paint ourselves into a corner with something like this.


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