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From Adrian Crum <adri...@hlmksw.com>
Subject Re: Multiple UiLabels definitions
Date Mon, 03 Mar 2008 23:49:42 GMT
The best approach to follow will be easy to see if you understand how 
the UI labels system works.

The basic concept of the multiple UI label property files is this: start 
off with the most generic, most often used labels, then build upon that 
with application-specific labels. The CommonUiLabels.xml file contains 
labels common to all components. The EcommerceUiLabels.xml file contains 
labels specific to the eCommerce component. Doing things this way 
reduces redundancy and it allows an application to redefine labels found 
in the common (or shared) label files.

If a specific label appears in more than one property file, it is 
because the label is being redefined. If you find a duplicate label that 
doesn't change anything, then that is probably an oversight. The label 
should be removed from the application-specific property file.

If a specific label appears in more than one property file because it is 
redefining a label in a shared property file, then the best thing to do 
is add the missing language to the label in the application-specific 
property file.

In the EcommerceYourShoppingCartEmpty label example, it probably appears 
in more than one file so that there won't be an inter-application 
dependency. In other words, having that label present in 
OrderUiLabels.xml eliminates the need for the Order Manager component to 
load/use the ECommerceUiLabels.xml file. I'm only guessing here - 
sometimes it is hard to tell what the original intention was.

The bottom line is, it is better to add translations to property files 
than it is to delete labels. Deleting duplicate labels makes sense at 
first glance, but problems could come up if there was a specific reason 
the duplication was needed.


Bruno Busco wrote:
> 2008/3/3, Adrian Crum <adrianc@hlmksw.com>:
>> Bruno Busco wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> while testing ecommerce application i have found that selecting the
>> ITalian
>>> language, some labels are displayed still in english.
>>> I was convinced that this was because of a missing translation but the
>>> reason was a little different:
>>> Some labels are defined in more than one resource file. For example
>>> "CommonQuickAdd" is both in EcommerceUiLabels.xml and in
>>> CommonUiLabels.xmlfiles.
>>> But while the CommonUiLabels.xml is complete, in the
>>> EcommerceUiLabels.xmlfile there is no italian label.
>>> So what I think that could happen is that OFBiz tries to have an IT
>> string
>>> from the EcommerceUiLabels.xml file (the first one), this is not found
>> and
>>> so it falls back to what is specified in (locale.properties.fallback=en)
>>> BEFORE checking if the IT string is present in other resource files.
>>> I tryed to delete the incomplete <property key="CommonQuickAdd"> from
>> the
>>> EcommerceUiLabels.xml and now the italian string is correctly displayed
>>> (because no fallback).
>>> Also defining (locale.properties.fallback=it) it works because now, even
>> the
>>> CommonUiLabels.xml is looked for an italian string.
>>> I see four options for me to solve the problem:
>>> 1) Add all italian strings to EcommerceUiLabels.xml even if they are
>> already
>>> present in CommonUiLabels.xml (I don't like because of redundancy)
>>> 2) Remove all the Common*** labels from EcommerceUiLabels.xml (any
>>> drawbacks?)
>>> 3) Change to (locale.properties.fallback=it)
>> #3 will generate "resource not found" errors. In effect you would be
>> saying "If you can't find the IT label, then fall back to the IT label."
>> -Adrian
> OK. I have removed all Common* labels that are defined in
> CommonUiLabels.xmlfile from all the other files and it seems to work
> now.
> But this is not enough because for instance EcommerceYourShoppingCartEmpty
> label is present both in ECommerceUiLabels.xml AND in OrderUiLabels.xml.
> Should I remove the occurrence of this label from OrderUiLabels.xml ?
> In other words what is the naming convention to be observed?
> Could I follow the rule that all the labels that starts with AppName must be
> only defined in the AppNameUiLabels.xml file?
> Bruno

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