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From "Jacques Le Roux" <jacques.le.r...@les7arts.com>
Subject Re: POS - ProductStoreID - DemoRetail and other confusions
Date Thu, 07 Feb 2008 18:30:26 GMT
>From: "Christopher L" <clearchris@hotmail.com>
>Responses inline.

Mine too

> From: openforbusinessman@gmail.com
> While I'm on that subject, In the /pos/config/screens/default/menu  I notice
> that the variable <Button name="{SKU, another button screen call, or
> something else}>  I realize this is the "bridge" that the POS XUI uses to
> connect to the actual products.  I've seen articles that the "Button name="
> is related to the catalog and categories.  Although I can't find out WHERE
> to find my product's ID"
> To clarify.  I have a pizza.  A large plain pizza.  It's set in my catalog
> under the pizza category.  Where can I go to find out what the "Button name"
> of that item actually is in my DB?

>The button name is "sku"+productid I believe.  You have to set your products up in the
db, part of that will be assigning a 

When creating your product in backoffice, use a link like 
to setup your SKUs 
(ProductGoodIdentifications and Skus are the same thing)

BTW I will soon add ENCHILADAS as a POS available product...


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