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From "Jacques Le Roux" <jacques.le.r...@les7arts.com>
Subject Re: POS - ProductStoreID - DemoRetail and other confusions
Date Thu, 07 Feb 2008 06:12:50 GMT
From: "Branden Strickland" <openforbusinessman@gmail.com>
>I was excited and typed that email too fast.. I need to proof read!
> Hah!  Thanks for the input!
> The only reason I don't see myself using the barcode is because I'm planning
> on using this application in a pizza shop that I recently got involved in.
> So unless I stick generic barcodes in a flip book or something, I'm not sure
> that's feasible.  ALTHOUGH!  If I can configure the buttons in the XUI of
> the POS to open new "windows" like the manager and promo button, then I'll
> be ok!  (You'll have to excuse me if I use the wrong terms, I'm a system
> admin (Linux based) with lots of experience, but this is the first time I've
> gotten involved in something that's still mainly in the development stage.
> It's my first time for svn and ant!

Panels is the right way to do it un your case, I guess.

>>>Which file ?
> the DemoRetail.xml file.  Which is why I was confused, as even though I'm
> using "ant  run-install-seed" It still seems to be using that file for
> something as a last resort it seems.

I will  have to check, but maybe you are true since some things in there are mandatory for
the POS to work. Also do not forget that 
the POS as it is is mostly an UI demo... THe idea is to adapt DemoRetail.xml following your
needs and load it in the DB thru a way 
or another.

> One last question... Being as you can see that I'm very interested in using
> the POS side as a start (time sheet, inventory management will be nice down
> the road, but not for now).  Where do you suggest I start reading to get a
> more indepth feel as to how to configure the POS XUI to start adapting it to
> my situation?
>Most of the readings are for the ecommerse end.  Although I
> think this could make a great in-store POS.

There is not much documentation about the POS (I guess you have already read all of them).
But it's pretty straitghforward to 

> Things like: What part of the XUI configs (which I've been looking at) link
> the button to the actual item in the one of your catalogs (or category?!)?

I guess the best is (from the log KeyboardAdaptor.java:253:INFO ] Added [SKU.GZ-1001] to KeyboardAdaptor)
to look a 
KeyboardAdaptor.java:253. You should find your way beginning there, but I wonder why you need

> Thanks for any help.  I'm working on this day and night, I simply don't have
> 3 years! HAH! Who needs sleep right?  Entrepreneurs don't sleep!

Everyone sleep one day, at least after the last ;o) Philip K. Dick experienced some about
that (beware he finished mad, but he used 
much more than stiff drinks)


> Thanks!
> Branden -
> On Feb 6, 2008 11:50 PM, Jacques Le Roux <jacques.le.roux@les7arts.com>
> wrote:
>> Branden,
>> From: "Branden Strickland" <openforbusinessman@gmail.com>
>> > 1)  DemoRetail.xml -- Is this only for demo data?
>> Yes
>> >If I only use seed data,
>> > does the file matter at all?
>> No
>> >And if it does, where is it called from?
>> Automaticaly by ant run-install (you should look for these words in all
>> the code if you want to understand how it works, but I guess
>> this shoudl not be a priority for you at this stage)
>> >I've
>> > checked pos-container.xml and all of the xui and properties files within
>> the
>> > /special/pos filesystem.  When I changed the productstoreid to be
>> correct in
>> > this file, it seemed to make a difference, which confused me even more,
>> Which file ?
>> > becuase it says that files is only used for demo data in the
>> > ofbiz-container.xml.  A bit of light shed on this subject will help me
>> sleep
>> > a bit better! Thanks!
>> You should provide your own data in the DB. This is a convenient way to
>> load them for demo purpose. You may have a look into
>> Webtools/XML Data Import
>> > 2) If I load no demo data, where am I to configure how a button actually
>> > interacts with a item in my inventory?
>> posmain.xml. As I answered recently in dev ML :
>> <<The idea behind it is that you generally don't want to have access to
>> *all* your products. Most of the time you use a barcode
>> scanner to get products references. It's up to you to show whatever
>> products you want using a combination of panel (aka categories)
>> and products in these panels. Actually, remember that the UI, as it is, is
>> a demo...>>
>> Keep cool, OFBiz is known to have a pretty long learning curve. From 1 to
>> 4 years according to David, and I plenty agree. And even
>> after 3 years, I still learn...
>> Jacques

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