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From David E Jones <jone...@hotwaxmedia.com>
Subject Re: Changing currenct without setting prices for each currency
Date Thu, 03 Jan 2008 16:21:54 GMT

On Jan 3, 2008, at 7:28 AM, Goosie wrote:

> Thanks Jacques,
> Just would know for sure this feature is not implemented in one way  
> or an
> other. I have to figure out how it should work exactly.
> We should work out of the default currency, in this case we use Euro.
> I think actually only of the following steps:
> - when the currency exchange rate will be changed, only all the  
> sales prices
> of the products should be changed in the changed currency.
> - when a price of a product in euro changed, the prices of the other
> currency of this product will be changed.
> How much work will this be to get this done?

It wouldn't require too much work to do this sort of thing, but it IS  
very risky from a business perspective so usually only larger  
organizations do it, and they usually update their currency conversion  
information (in the UomConversion entity in OFBiz) multiple times a  
day, or at least daily. When doing this they often also end up making  
adjustments after the fact in accounting to get everything to balance  
according to the actually exchange rate that their bank gave them for  
the foreign currency transactions.

It's a real mess and my guess is that if you're asking about this  
you're either just starting to explore OFBiz or you're working for a  
smaller company. If you are working for a smaller company my  
recommendation from a business perspective is: avoid it!

 From a technical/implementation perspective, it would not require  
much work as we already have data structures and low level services  
for this and it could be pretty easily added to the  
calculateProductPrice service (which is already currency aware, etc,  


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