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From BJ Freeman <bjf...@free-man.net>
Subject Re: Deploying ofbiz
Date Sun, 06 Jan 2008 19:04:03 GMT
Apache Tomcat/5.5.20 in the trunk.
you can run the trunk and branch version and the tomcat version is in
the log.

Yin T sent the following on 1/6/2008 10:39 AM:
> Would you know what version of Tomcat is currently embedded into Ofbiz?
> BJ Freeman wrote:
>> Here is more information:
>> http://docs.ofbiz.org/display/OFBADMIN/OFBiz+Documentation+Index
>> 1)Basically correct. Depending on what your requirements, not much work
>> has to be done to deactivate components. You can use a export function
>> to have a clean copy with no svn files.  This can also be done by a
>> script. You might want also to consider how you going to keep updated
>> with the bug fixes or enhancements in the trunk or if you are going to
>> use the branch 4.0 which is the most stable.
>> depending how your modification the startofbiz script may not work. you
>> would have to provide your own.
>> 2)Yes ofbiz has its own embedded tomcat (catalina) server. Currently
>> there is a apache connector to ofbiz Container. I am not familiar with
>> orion or weblogic.
>> Yin T sent the following on 1/6/2008 9:14 AM:
>>> Having read previous postings, I've come to the following conclusion:
>>> 1. Ofbiz comes in one huge directory tree and should be deployed as such. 
>>> If one wants to deploy a lighter Ofbiz directory tree, then one would
>>> have
>>> to manually delete the code, build.xml, etc or write an ANT script. Zip
>>> it
>>> up and copied to another computer. Where it is unzipped and
>>> /ofbiz-root/startofbiz.bat or /ofbiz-root/startofbiz.sh is run (depending
>>> on
>>> whether you're on a Windows box of a Linux box).
>>> 2. Ofbiz by default runs on Tomcat as a standalone server with the aid of
>>> Coyote.  Considering deployment of ofbiz in another servlet container or
>>> application server would require a lot of work (configuration/coding???).
>>> In
>>> short, "let sleeping dogs lie".
>>> 3. I am assuming that Ofbiz provides support for running on Orion and
>>> Weblogic based on the presence of the following subdir. (I still don't
>>> know
>>> how they're supposed to be used though)
>>> 	.../ofbiz-root/framework/appserver/template/orion202
>>> 	.../ofbiz-root/framework/appserver/template/weblogic81
>>> If anyone has a comment about this, please let me know.
>>> Yin T wrote:
>>>> Hello,
>>>> So far, I've been running ofbiz as acquired from svn containing the
>>>> source
>>>> and all.  How would I compile the ofbiz project into a deployable JAR
>>>> (or
>>>> WAR, EAR, etc) minus the source and other unnecessary files so that it
>>>> could be easily deployed on another computer.
>>>> Thanks

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