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From David Shere <dsh...@steelerubber.com>
Subject Re: UI to add/update/delete from Geo and GeoAssoc?
Date Mon, 05 Mar 2007 16:35:46 GMT
Or have an expiration date on GeoIDs.

Jonathon -- Improov wrote:
> Guido,
> Thanks for info.
> I was looking more for user-friendly UIs, not Web Tools. The 
> user-friendly UIs will also have to cough up a list of records 
> referencing a Geo record that the user intends to delete, and possibly 
> also allow the user to purge those records before deleting the Geo 
> record. Or, the UIs could allow the user to "migrate" all records 
> referencing an old Geo record to point to a new Geo record (not much 
> point here, since an update will do, unless user wants to change the 
> geoId as well).
> Guess I'll have to do all that myself.
> Jonathon
> Guido Amarilla wrote:
>> You should edit create a data file and import it using Web Tools, XML 
>> Import.
>> Look into framework/common/data - use other country as template, some
>> with a similar political division than the country you want to add.
>> Example: GeoData_UK.xml
>> If you want to delete them you may have FK restrictions in several 
>> places.
>> 2007/2/28, Jonathon -- Improov <jonw@improov.com>:
>>> Just to confirm, OFBiz currently does not have any UIs to 
>>> add/update/delete from tables Geo and
>>> GeoAssoc. True/False?
>>> Jonathon

David Shere
Information Technology Services
Steele Rubber Products

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