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From David Shere <dsh...@steelerubber.com>
Subject Re: ComputerWorld Article, Mentions OFBiz
Date Mon, 05 Mar 2007 16:23:41 GMT
"So Rosa hired a consultant to customize the Apache Open For Business 
open-source ERP software for his firm's distribution arm.

But the project management spun out of control, causing the effort to go 
over budget. The first problem: The consultant had no experience with 
Open For Business, and its learning curve was steeper than expected. The 
second problem: Because Open For Business is very customizable, both 
Prevention Partners and its consultant "got caught up" in much 
customization, Rosa recalls. And Open For Business is based on Java, 
which Rosa's developers aren't experienced in, so they couldn't take over."

This guy didn't ask his consultant if he had any experience with OFBiz? 
  That's just that guy being stupid.

They're implying that OFBiz is "too customizable"... that sounds to me 
like someone who marries his wife because she's great at conversation 
and then divorces her because she talks too much.

That last sentence may as well say "OFBiz is based in Java, which is an 
obscure programming language that no one knows and is a bitch to 
learn"...  that just makes me laugh.

Yes, David, terribly inaccurate. :)

David E. Jones wrote:
> Not a lot of detail on the project, nor terribly accurate on the ones it 
> does have, but an interesting read with some good points anyway:
> http://www.computerworld.com/action/article.do?command=viewArticleBasic&amp;articleId=9011649

> -David

David Shere
Information Technology Services
Steele Rubber Products

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