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From "Tim McGuire" <tmcgu...@go-integral.com>
Subject image tag causing request to controller
Date Wed, 07 Mar 2007 19:37:40 GMT
Hello list,

I have a confusing error in which an image tag on an FTL page is
triggering a request that is being routed through the controller and
causing all of the associated events for that request to be executed
twice (or three times if there are two image tags).  I've been staring
at my controller.xml and my web.xml to discover why this is happening
and I can't see it. 

1) where can I set a debugging breakpoint to view the contents of the
request object before it hits the controller.
2) why is this happening in the first place?

here is the offending line in FTL page:
<IMG name="largeImage" src="" >  

here is part of web.xml:


here is part of controller (the mapping that is getting executed - it is
the populateMetadata method that gets executed more than once):
<request-map uri="updateMetadata">
        <security https="false" auth="true"/>
        <event type="java"
        <response name="assetUploadSuccess" type="view"
        <response name="scanSuccess" type="view"
        <response name="error" type="view" value="error"/>

Tim McGuire
Integral Business Solutions

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