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From Ian McNulty <...@mcnultymedia.co.uk>
Subject Re: Migration of Manager Ref PDFs to Wiki Format
Date Wed, 07 Mar 2007 12:50:04 GMT

Your thanks are much appreciated.

Curiously, the post from Scott which you're replying to here still 
hasn't arrived in my inbox. Some kind of screw up on server hops means 
it's currently bashing around some minor island in the Pacific no doubt ;)

Some kind of improvement on the docs would certainly be appreciated from 
my end. To paraphrase Harrison Ford, I might have been able to translate 
this stuff into Wiki markup but that doesn't mean I understand anything 
they say. I'm only pleased to be able to make some kind of contribution 
to the community and can only hope that others will be able to develop 
them into something that might help to facilitate the larger end-user 
base David referred to earlier.



Jacopo Cappellato wrote:
> Yes,
> kudos to Ian for his huge work on this, I'm really impressed and I 
> want to personally thank him for this (but I'm sure others here will 
> agree with Scott and me on this).
> I agree with Scott that we should try to improve these docs in the 
> Wiki if there is some interest from the community in this task; in the 
> meantime we could update the official links from the ofbiz site to 
> point to the pages that Ian migrated in the Wiki.
> Jacopo
> Scott Gray wrote:
>> Hi Ian
>> I believe these will eventually end up in the End-User docs section 
>> that you mention below, but I wouldn't recommend moving them there 
>> until any major revisions have been completed.
>> How do you (and anyone else reading) feel about the current content 
>> of the docs?  If you or anyone else has time to contribute to them 
>> further then that should take place on the wiki for now, and once any 
>> efforts to improve them have slowed down, they could then be moved 
>> over to the OFBENDUSER space to protect the work that has been done.
>> I'd be happy to try and answer any questions you might have if you 
>> decide to work on this further (and I'm sure others would too).
>> Personally I think you've done a great job migrating the docs and I 
>> can guess how laborious the task must have been (I gave it a go 
>> myself at one point).
>> Thanks
>> Scott
>> Ian McNulty wrote:
>>> Hi All,
>>> I posted news of this a couple of days ago but put it in the General 
>>> questions thread by mistake, so thought I ought to try again on a 
>>> new thread.
>>> I've now finished migrating the complete set of Undersun Manager 
>>> Reference PDFs to Wiki format.
>>> I couldn't get access to the OFBiz End-User Documentation section so 
>>> was advised by Jacopo to put them under my Confluence Home page at:
>>> http://docs.ofbiz.org/display/~ian@mcnultymedia.co.uk/Manager+References 
>>> Is this where they should stay, or do they now need be moved into a 
>>> public section of the Wiki where they can be amended and refined by 
>>> others as the project develops?
>>> Ian

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