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From Scott Gray <lekt...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: ComputerWorld Article, Mentions OFBiz
Date Tue, 06 Mar 2007 06:13:19 GMT

Jacopo Cappellato wrote:
> Jonathon, all,
> Jonathon -- Improov wrote:
>> David (Jones),
>> What about those open source projects that are polished for OOTB 
>> convenience and experience? Even Apache (httpd) and Tomcat (both 
>> under Apache Licence 2.0?) have better OOTB "operational readiness" 
>> than OFBiz. Ie, they work well OOTB and they have very good and 
>> widely published docs to further fuel explosive rate of community 
>> development. (I understand you believe that approach won't benefit 
>> OFBiz; I don't know so I can't say.)
>> ...
> I'm sorry to interfere with a mail addressed to David Jones (via the 
> mailing list), but I think that my comments (not specifically 
> addressed to this Jonathon's mail) are worth of consideration:
> 1) if it's not really necessary, I would not want to see David Jones 
> time wasted reading/answering this kind of long messages about a 
> subject discussed at least 1000 times; David is one of the best 
> architects/developers in the project and we should all do our best to 
> leave him concentrated in the most critical tasks that can make the 
> project grow; in the last months I've noticed the bad habit to attempt 
> to attract David (and other core developers as well) in long and 
> unnecessary discussions
> 2) another very bad habit is to attribute to others your personal 
> re-elaboration of what others said: in this way, if the concept is 
> reported in an incomplete or incorrect way, you can create confusion 
> to new users and oblige the person to jump in and correct it. As a 
> general rule, never try to restate what you think that other said, 
> just express your thoughts (if they are of interest for the project).
> For example, Jonathon said: "I understand you (David) believe that 
> approach won't benefit OFBiz"
> I really don't think that David ever said something like this; the 
> main point here is that OFBiz and Tomcat are totally different 
> products (as discussed 10000 times).
> In general #1, #2 are harmful habits for a project and we should avoid 
> them.
> Jacopo

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