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From Jacques Le Roux <jacques.le.r...@les7arts.com>
Subject Confluence bad time
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2007 12:44:54 GMT
Hi all,

I don't know your experience using Confluence. Mine was not so bad until
this morning. Please let me share this experience, hopefully it will
help other in future. Some background in Confluence cannot hurt anyway,
specially when working with Apache Projects.

I had previously noticed that when you use Rich Text Edit mode it
generates sometimes useless blank lines. In such case, I switch to Wiki
Markup. Not a good start but there are plenty of other good things in
Confluence, nobody is perfect (remember full-of-bugs MS Word 2 ? Ok
perhaps you still used WordPerfect ?)

This morning, I tried to continue on a FAQ-Cookbook page in my personnal
space. Until now, I did not create a real space. I was just using my
profile. In such case, you have a Drafts tabs. Clear, I opened it and
continued my previous work. I wanted to add a new recipe from Jacopo
response here :
https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/OFBIZ-767#action_12476855. So I
naively copied the text from Jira, added an anchor and thought the work
was done. Here toubles began :(
1) I had the bad idea to put a / in the title (FAQ/Cookbook). This is
*forbidden*, so when you want to save you can't, but worse you can't
even change the title : stuck :'(.

2) I know already that in this situation Confluence keep a draft of your
page even if you did not save it. So I was to edit it thru the Draft
tabs again. But in the meantime I created my space, I had to do it. Then
: no more Draft tabs, arg... Anyway in this page
saw that I have only to add a new page. Then Confluence will propose to
edit the existing draft (one at a time I suppose ?)

3) So happily I continued my work, but disaster the text (I saw only
text) copied from Jira (an Atlassian's tool also) was broken because
copied (in Rich Edit Text mode) as Html.

4) Finally I don't know why exactly (changing title afterwards ?) but I
thought I loose the page (even the draft) can't find it in my space.
Going to Dashboard main page it'was always there (in recently updated
:o). The ways of Confluence are Inscrutable !

So I stopped my naive approach and put a link to Jacopo's Jira comment !

Don't misunderstand me I love Atlassian's tools, but I guess I have to
learn more about Confluence *and* perhaps it has also always to improve
! I will try to post this in Confluence's Jira...

Sorry for this digression, but I was so frustrated that I had to share
it ! And I ain't no blog ;p


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