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From Chris Howe <cjhowe76...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: January 2007, number of subscribers to user, dev and commits mailing lists
Date Mon, 05 Feb 2007 15:51:29 GMT

--- "David E. Jones" <jonesde@hotwaxmedia.com> wrote:

> At some point we definitely plan to have various sub-projects that  
> are managed somewhat independently of the core of OFBiz (and even  
> split the core into framework and core applications projects). I  
> think we have a ways to go to get there, and getting each started  
> will require a fair amount of administrative overhead, so my guess is
> that it will take some calendar time and a lot of volunteer hours to 
> get to that point.

> -David

I think there's quite a bit of interest and at least a few volunteers
in the area of modularizing the apps (seems to have already been done
for the most part with modularizing the framework from the apps). 
Would you mind sharing your views on a roadmap for this that will spark
discussion so that those interested are better tempted to put their
efforts in an area that will benefit the community in addition to their
personal interests?  Thanks!

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