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From David E Jones <jone...@undersunconsulting.com>
Subject Re: What does "OOTB front-end accessibility" mean to you?
Date Thu, 04 Jan 2007 07:34:23 GMT

Sorry for the late involvement in this, it's been a crazy day and I'm  
just starting to catch up on email. It's quite refreshing (or perhaps  
a better word is "smarting"?) to see so much mailing list  
contribution to ring in the new year!

On Jan 3, 2007, at 10:38 AM, Andrew Ballantine wrote:

> Jacques,
> I am familiar with both QuickBooks and Sage. Sage is quite awful,  
> but sells
> because all the accountants recommend it. Quickbooks is great apart  
> from its
> limitations and inability to be enhanced. The arbitrary limit of  
> 27,000
> customers is one, difficult import/export of data another.
> There is no reason why we couldn't have several versions that support
> different vertical markets.
> e.g.
> Corner shop with POS and Ecommerce and/or ebay
> Independent motor car workshop/repair/sales business
> Simple box shifting wholesaler
> ...
> The big, big point about OFBiz is that the architecture is right,  
> and the
> architecture should, hopefully, help young businesses do things the  
> correct
> way.
> BTW There is nothing wrong with stipulating which system, database  
> etc that
> has to be used in a package. The world is quite used to that  
> already in the
> proprietary world. The point is to have a package that works for a
> particular style of business with relevant sample data that works  
> There will be ample consultancy work customising the extras.
> Hope this is of interest.

I think this is very much of interest, and to a lot of people. These  
all sound like they would make great derivative works of OFBiz,  
either commercial or open source. I'd say for right now that getting  
something very slick for any of these groups it outside the scope and  
current resources of OFBiz, but that doesn't mean these are a bad idea.

In fact, even "in the beginning" we had the intent to build OFBiz in  
such a way that such things could be built on top of it (or from it,  
depending on how you look at things), and be done in either an open  
source or commercial model, or even a combination of the two like the  
CRMSFA application from Open Source Strategies. There are actually a  
few other open source and commercial applications that use different  
parts of OFBiz (see the User List page on docs.ofbiz.org).

Anyway, someone else may have commented similarly further down the  
list... if so forgive my pooping bird style of interaction and let me  
fly off in peace... ;) Sorry I couldn't come with a better analog,  
I'm more ready for sleep than flying.


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