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From "Amit Shinde" <a...@amicontech.com>
Subject Question on extend-entity
Date Wed, 04 Oct 2006 12:34:16 GMT
	I am using extend-entity ability to add more fields to an existing OFBiz
entity. These fields are not relational. I am trying to extend TelecomNumber
table and add a field 'extn' to it. This field represents the Phone
Extension Number. This field is created in the table but no data is
persisted. We call 'createPartyTelecomNumber' service of OFBiz which in turn
calls 'createTelecomNumber'. Both these service take auto-attributes of the
TelecomNumber entity for input mode. So, inspite of passing the 'extn'
parameter, it is still not persisted. I cant figure out on what the reason
is. Any insight will be appreciated.

	<extend-entity entity-name="TelecomNumber">
        <field name="extnNumber" type="short-varchar"></field>

    <service name="createTelecomNumber" engine="simple"
invoke="createTelecomNumber" auth="true">
        <description>Create a Telecommunications Number</description>
        <auto-attributes entity-name="TelecomNumber" include="all" mode="IN"
        <attribute name="contactMechId" type="String" mode="OUT"

    <service name="createPartyTelecomNumber" engine="simple"
invoke="createPartyTelecomNumber" auth="true">
        <description>Create a Telecommunications Number</description>
        <auto-attributes entity-name="PartyContactMech" include="all"
mode="IN" optional="true"/>
        <auto-attributes entity-name="TelecomNumber" include="nonpk"
mode="IN" optional="true"/>
        <attribute name="contactMechPurposeTypeId" type="String" mode="IN"
        <attribute name="contactMechId" type="String" mode="OUT"

Thanks in advance,

Amit Shinde

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