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From "Marcelo Hamra" <marcelo_ha...@hotmail.com>
Subject inventory questions
Date Mon, 02 Oct 2006 21:24:25 GMT

I need to transfer several products between facilities. I thought I could 
use shipments but I readed that only sale and purchase orders are supported. 
Is that correct?

I have no requirements on selecting any inventory Item to transfer, I only 
need to transfer products if enough stock is available. I noted that 
inventory transfers can be used, but I need to select the inventory Item, 
and I coundn't find a way to send more than one product using this feature. 
Should I generate a new entity "InventoryMovement" with a one to many 
relationship with inventoryTransfers to implement what I want?

In the inventory Transfer screen there is a field Container ID field , but I 
couldn't find a way to create a container. Is this feature available?


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