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From Kurt T Stam <k...@oneheartbreak.com>
Subject Re: multiple websites configuration
Date Thu, 05 Oct 2006 12:41:41 GMT
Andrew this is exactly what I need, and your comments exactly addresses
other concerns I had while I was doing what I was doing. Thanks so much!


Andrew Sykes wrote:
> Kurt,
> I'd warn against modifying the ofbiz-component.xml inside ecommerce.
> This is both unnecessary and means you're mixing your code and OFBiz
> code which will lead to difficulties if you need to do an upgrade.
> There is a directory specifically for bespoke applications called "hot-
> deploy". You can use the ecommerce application as a starting point for
> your new app. Simply copy the ecommerce app into hot-deploy change the
> mount point, application name etc and you will have a second
> application.
> You'll notice that the controller.xml for this new app refers to
> artifacts in the original ecommerce app, for example...
> <view-map name="ViewRequest" type="screen"
> page="component://ecommerce/widget/RequestScreens.xml#ViewRequest"/>
> Note "component://ecommerce". You can therefore remove everything from
> the new ecommerce directories that are simply duplicates of the original
> ecommerce code. This means that you now will only have copies of
> original ecommerce code where you have had to make specific changes,
> let's say the new app was called "newecommerce", you would reference
> like this...
> "component://newecommerce/....."
> Once you have your app setup, you can decide whether you need to simply
> mount each app to a different place
> e.g. /newecommerce1 /newecommerce2 /newecommerce3 etc, which would be
> fine if you were using OFBiz in conjunction with Apache, or if it's
> standalone, you might want to use the virtualhost stuff.
> I hope that helps clarify.

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