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From Kurt T Stam <k...@oneheartbreak.com>
Subject Re: multiple websites configuration
Date Thu, 05 Oct 2006 00:08:38 GMT
No one out there that uses multiple websites? All I need to know is from
where I'm supposed to clone ecommerce: the entire ecommerce application
or just the ecommerce webapp. I'll figure out from there why I'm having
this authentication problem.



Kurt T Stam wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I'm a little confused how to set up multiple websites on ofbiz. Under
> applications I see the ecommerce directory. In it I see a webapp
> directory. It contains the ecommerce webapp. I copied this directory and
> called is webapp2. Then I modified the ofbiz-component.xml to read:
>   <webapp name="ecommerce"
>         title="ECommerce"
>         server="default-server"
>         location="webapp/ecommerce"
>         mount-point="/ecommerce"
>         app-bar-display="false">
>  <virtual-host host-name="admin.mydomain.com"/>
>      </webapp>
>   <webapp name="ecommerce2"
>         title="ECommerce2"
>         server="default-server"
>         location="webapp/ecommerce2"
>         mount-point="/"
>         app-bar-display="false">
>  <virtual-host host-name="www.mydomain.com"/>
>      </webapp>
> And I modified the web.xml of ecommerce2 to contain the unique id values
> of the new website.
> It all seems to work ok, except when a user wants to log into the
> ecommerce2 site he gets refused, saying he has not enough permissions.
> Logging into ecommerce works just fine.
> Am I supposed to copy the entire applications/ecommerce directory? What am
> I missing? I found this link
> http://ofbizwiki.go-integral.com/Wiki.jsp?page=SSSMultiStores1
> but if there is any other good documentation on this out there I'd greatly
> appriciate it.
> I'm using opentabs-0.9.2.
> Thank you,
> --Kurt

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