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From "John Martin" <pbweb...@gmail.com>
Subject Correct functionality when Deleting or Voiding DHL Shipment Package Route
Date Wed, 04 Oct 2006 18:35:59 GMT
I'm in the process of implementing the Void Shipment functionality in
the DHL ShipIt API (see
http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/OFBIZ-350) and have run across a
situation that I'm not sure how best to handle.

So I am looking for some feedback on two issues:

1) How to handle unconfirmed VOID transactions?

A few facts:

- With DHL's API you can only void a shipment the day that it was
generated up until 10pm local time.

- Under certain circumstances, I have found that the API returns in
appropriate Result Codes so you can't confirm that the shipment was in
fact cancelled.

Given this, when I attempt to void a label and I'm not 100% certain, I
am wondering if I should handle things differently?  One thought is to
create a new Status "Void Unconfirmed".   This would allow the shipper
to identify packages that are questionable which should be reconciled
with the DHL billing.

I spoke with our DHL representative and she stated that typically
shipments are not billed unless the label was scanned by DHL during
shipping but there have been situations when shipments have been
billed even though never shipped.

2) Disabling the Delete button?

Once a label has been generated, I'm thinking that the Delete button
should be disabled since the shipment is now a potential real cost to
the business.  An employee could abuse the system by shipping
something personal and then deleting the transaction.  My
recommendation is that once the label is created/shipment is
confirmed, that it can only be voided.  This will at least leave
evidence of some sort of transaction.

Any thoughts or suggestions?



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