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From Cameron Smith <cameron_ord_sm...@yahoo.co.uk>
Subject Re: Inventory Search Screen Issue
Date Thu, 05 Oct 2006 22:53:40 GMT
Hi Sam, do you mind if I ask if you have gone into
production with this stack yet? (Win2003/MSSQL 2000). 
The reason I ask is, we are comfortable with Ofbiz on
Linux/MySQL but we have one client who would prefer it
on Win/MSSQL.  However, I was a bit concerned about
recommending this option, because I had not seen
anyone using it in production or for anything serious.

So if you could give me even a brief summary of your
good and bad experiences with this platform, I would
very much appreciate it.


--- "Alex D. Fleming" <lovelysamdave@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hi,
>  Hi,
>      I have Ofbiz running on Windows 2003 server
> with SQLServer 2000 for database. There are about
> 7000 inventory Items.If make a Wide search, The
> screen sometime returns records after long time And
> most of time it returns Error.If I provide ProductId
> then it works fine.
>  Do I need some kind performance setting that may be
> missing? 
>  Thanks in advance.
>  Alex D. Fleming
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