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From David E Jones <jone...@undersunconsulting.com>
Date Sat, 14 Oct 2006 21:19:44 GMT

Data mapping always seems to end up being far more complicated than  
it appears at the start. That may be what people have been referring  
to as the difficult part of this...

Tools can sometimes help with this, but only so much.

If you are exported to flat files then the tool you'll want to use in  
OFBiz to read in that data is the Datafile tool, which can read flat  
files into generic structures, and right them out again from the same  
generic structures. The flat file format and fields definitions and  
such are specified using XML files which makes code based on it more  
flexible and easier to work with as understanding, and perhaps  
requirements, change. With this you can write Java code to map the  
incoming data from DataFile objects to GenericValue objects that the  
Entity Engine can then drop into the database for you. You might want  
to consider using a scripting language (BeanShell is well supported  
in OFBiz) to make this a little easier to write/test/change/test/etc.


On Oct 14, 2006, at 10:09 PM, James Troup wrote:

> The unix system is Acucobol.
> So are you suggesting that getting all historical data is a very  
> tall order?
> I would have thought that once you have mapped the chart of  
> accounts, creditors and debtors, you could then dump the  
> transaction journal?
> Or am I missing the point here?
> Walter Vaughan wrote:
>> James Troup wrote:
>>> Hi BJ,
>>> Original data can be spooled out as fixed width plain text as it  
>>> currently prints to tractor feed paper.
>>> Otherwise, I am told there is an ODBC interface (but no one has  
>>> figured out how to use it).
>>> Obviously the ODBC interface would be nice to plugin to, but I  
>>> don't know if it is more hassle than what it is worth.
>> Any chance your unix system is filePro based?
>> Regardless, daunting is a putting it mildly.
>> The fact that you said you can only control the data via fixed  
>> reports that you intercept as text files is only going to make  
>> this harder.
>> We've spent months on importing data. There is no magic import pill.
>> What's your time frame for conversion?
>> Are you or is are the people on your team Java programmers?
>> Do you really need to bring in all your historical information, or  
>> could you get by with just product information, and customer list?  
>> And keep the old system up for years?
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>> Walter
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