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From David E Jones <jone...@undersunconsulting.com>
Subject Re: Product - Multiple Part Price
Date Wed, 25 Oct 2006 18:18:32 GMT


Just like with the last question there are various ways of doing  
this, but it is a very complex problem. If you really are doing phone  
line sales and such you should get some help as I know from  
experience working with a large telco that the business rules get  
very difficult around this stuff.

The two ways I've seen tried for this are to extend the Configurable  
Product, or to create a custom UI for each product and have it manage  
groups of products in the shopping cart for the customer. In other  
words, the customer can't just manipulate the cart by adding and  
removing products, they just use the UI for directed cart  
interactions, and have a custom view of the cart as well.

 From my experience the first seems nice at first, but business rules  
change really unpleasantly and modeling everything in order to get  
the user experience you want in a data driven way is impossible given  
the inherent uncertainty (or rather, certainty of change...).

So, I'd highly recommend the second approach.

-David J.

On Oct 25, 2006, at 5:09 AM, Kesslers wrote:

> How can I setup a product that has a price that is composed of more  
> than one
> price?  For example, if I order a new phone line I pay one price  
> composed of
> multiple charges.  It is clear on my billing statement that I have  
> paid for
> several activities/services.  Nevertheless, setting up my phone  
> line without
> phone service is not marketable.  On the other hand, phone service  
> without a
> phone line is equally futile.  The initial product must be the  
> setup and the
> phone service.  Can OFBiz break down charges in the webstore,  
> shopping cart
> and billing statement for a product?
> David Kessler

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