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From Walter Vaughan <wvaug...@steelerubber.com>
Subject Re: Content documentation ...
Date Wed, 05 Jul 2006 12:53:37 GMT
Andrew Sykes wrote:

> That's a fair point,
> But there is a counter argument too.
> i.e. the more commonly used applications that OFBiz makes available the
> more likely it is that developers are going to consider it worth their
> time to learn OFBiz.

As a rank newbie I have to agree heartly.

If I need to get a package across the globe... I'd rather work with a FedEx or 
UPS who have ships, planes, trains, trucks, and segways who will perform 
nominally at every stage of the delivery versus trying to coordinate working 
with individual specialists.

I'll give up a little to avoid having to link up a mulitple best of breed 
methods with their tightly wound and strong navel gazing tendencies.

 From my perspective, even proof of concept quality applications while 
frustrating to just install and use, offer much in making the case for ofBiz.

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